Sex Savvy On Sale This Month Only!

Mondays are usually my Q&A with J day. However, I am currently under deadline and furiously trying to get things done. Plus, I wanted to do something special for y’all for the love month of February.

So here it is! Sex Savvy: A Lovemaking Guide for Christian Wives is on sale — for the first time ever! From today through February 29, you can get the e-book of Sex Savvy from Barnes & Noble or from Amazon for $2.99.

Here are just a few things that cost more:

  • A frappucino at Starbucks
  • Two gallons of gasoline (U.S. prices)
  • Most greeting cards these days
  • A Big Mac from McDonald’s
  • A magazine at the checkout stand
  • That shirt on clearance that you know you don’t really need, but it’s just so cheap and cute
  • A movie ticket
  • Most lipsticks
  • Another pair of shoes — no matter where you get them

Isn’t your sexual intimacy worth more? Why not fork out three bucks to improve your marriage bed? If you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to buy. Or gift it to someone else. Maybe a few someone elses.

The sale is only on e-book, but you simply can’t beat that price. And this is the one and only time this book will be on sale.

Celebrate Valentine’s month by putting a little extra oomph into your marital bedroom. Here’s more about the book and where you can buy:

Sex Savvy 300 x 450How’s your sex savvy?

Do you want to be a hottie in the bedroom without sacrificing holiness? Would you like someone to share real-life tips on making the most of God’s gift of sexual intimacy in marriage?

Put back the secular sources you flipped through in the bookstore, and pick up this biblically grounded handbook: Sex Savvy: A Lovemaking Guide for Christian Wives. Author J. Parker of Hot, Holy & Humorous gives candid advice for wives on everything from kissing to oral sex to orgasm to sexual positions — all from a Christian perspective.

Whether you’re a new bride finding her way around that king-sized mattress or an experienced wife who wants that mattress to sing, this book can boost your sex savvy and improve your marital intimacy.

Purchase ebook:

Amazon / Kindle | Barnes & Noble / Nook 

8 thoughts on “Sex Savvy On Sale This Month Only!

  1. Eric Wiggin

    J, I do very much appreciate your blog. I’ve read several books for Christians on intimate relations in marriage, including HONEY, I Don’t Have a Headache Tonight, by Sheila Gregoire. Too, I contributed four pages to Romancing Your Wife , by Debra White Smith & Daniel W. Smith (Harvest House, 2005). I’ve noticed that women authors on sex and romance far outnumber men and I think there’s an important Bible reason for this.
    Women are more sensitive to delicate issues such as lovemaking, and they can therefore be far more effective in teaching young women. Paul wrote the young pastor Titus (2:3-5) that older women in the church are to be charged with the responsibility to teach young wives.

    Sadly, in most churches there are zero mature women charged with these responsibilities. The pastor is too often the sole counselor of young couples, and though he may give wise advice, it is seldom as well accepted as I perceive the wives who read your blog and books receive your advice (and Sheila’s et al). Perhaps this is the Lord’s means to take up the slack where local churches are dropping the ball or running from responsibility. Keep up the good work. And if you can, through your writing, encourage some pastors to commission wise women in their churches as regular counselors, have at it! I’m sure many pastors do read you, so point them to Titus 2:3-5, and shame on them if they don’t follow through.

    1. Eric Wiggin

      Just a brief addendum to my last post. What I said re women writers outnumbering male writers on sex and marriage is certainly true regarding blogs, and probably currently true about bound books. But in the past this wasn’t true. Some of the older, authoritarian male writers (eg. Tim LaHaye and his The Act of Marriage) have sold millions of copies. Some of these guys date from when my wife and I married 53 years ago this year. But these men were usually Ph.D.’s or cautious radio pastors with reputations to protect, and many of them wouldn’t touch delicate issues for fear of hurting their own reputations. For instance, The Song of Solomon, since Augustine (c. AD 400) was taught by mainline evangelical preachers to be only an allegory of Christ & His Church, and a teacher who found sex in this blessed book could be accused of having a dirty mind.
      Then, in the 1970s, Mirabel Morgan broke the ice with “The Total Woman,” in which she frankly proposed that it was fine for a Christian wife to get naked and seduce her husband., and the book was a sensation in both the secular media and in Christian magazines. The dam broke, and things haven’t been the same since.
      My earlier point that local churches need sex-positive mature ladies as counselors for young wives is my main issue. Again, thanks, J, for your positive input in your books and this blog page.

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