What is Hot, Holy & Humorous

Hot, Holy & Humorous is primarily a blog site that promotes godly sexual intimacy within marriage. Its target audience is Christian spouses, with an emphasis on wives. In the website’s seven years, blogger J. Parker went from actual anonymity to a popular Christian source of marriage advice that has had millions of visits.

How Far Is Its Reach

How far will your sponsorship reach? Here are some metrics to help you determine value.

  • 72,000 unique visits per month, 2,700 daily
  • 10,400 followers on Twitter
  • 9,200 followers on Facebook
  • 1,500 followers on Pinterest
  • 4,400 opt-in email subscribers

Hot, Holy & Humorous’s target audience tend to be sex-positive, are more likely to spend on home and family products, and have a preference for faith-based services. They are often looking for ways to improve household efficiency, personal productivity, family comfort, and resources to support their Christian values (e.g., internet filtering software).

What Does Sponsorship Include

A monthly sponsorship includes the following benefits:

  • An ongoing advertisement on the sidebar, visible on all but the landing page, giving full credit for sponsorship
  • A credit line, with a small banner advertisement or link, at the bottom of every blog post (typically 3x per week), also sent out to 3,900 subscribers
  • Sponsorship banner in the monthly newsletter, sent to 3,700 opt-in subscribers
  • A monthly Facebook post of thanks on the HotHolyHumorous page, with 9,000 followers
  • Monthly mention of company, product, and/or service within a blog post with link to the company, productive, and/or service

This is an exclusive sponsorship. Since I keep my advertising space is limited, the only other ads on the site will be affiliate links.

How to Become a Sponsor

The current cost for a monthly sponsorship on Hot, Holy & Humorous is $500.

If interested, please contact J. Parker will consider all requests fully and respond in a timely fashion. Please note that only advertisers whose products and services do not conflict with the values of the website will be considered.