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  5. G

    Dear HHH,
    I would very much like your book Sex Savvy. Is there another way to get a copy other than what is listed since i am Technologically challenged?

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  11. G&Qspirit2014

    Earlier this year I realized I was not treating my hubby as the most important person in my life (2nd to God). Though a short journey to change this so far, I LOVE, and have been following thepeacefulwife blog. I also am in the middle of the book Love & Respect. These resources along with daily prayer have improved our marriage along with our sex life. I just found your website today and look forward to spending more time here. Other than themarriagebed.com this is the only other christian sex site I’ve been on for the most part. As a fairly new believer I am greatful and feel so blessed that you are talking about this topic. Funny how I have actually blushed reading your site today all by myself, but our culture expects us to accept, watch, & hear all sorts of wrong ideas about sexuality as no big deal. Gods way is always the best!

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