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Is It Playtime? Sex Toys

My husband and I recently popped into a lingerie/sex paraphernalia shop and looked around. I have never in my life seen so many breast representations and phallic symbols in one place. Some of the items were indeed clever — although when I would actually serve penis-shaped pasta is a mystery to me. (And does that go best with marinara or pesto?)

Looking around the store, I realized that for all my interest in sex, I know almost nothing about sex toys. I have never been into that area of sexual pleasure.

Maybe it’s because it took me so long to warm up to the idea of a tampon as a teenager and then a penis entering my vagina, that I just don’t know if I’m prepared to invite more objects into the party. Not to mention that some of us wives have a hard time getting our husbands to wear a wedding ring, much less a penis ring. And handcuffs, fuzzy though they are, remind me of COPS episodes with “Bad Boys, Bad Boys” playing in the background.

Even the word “toy” conjures up misgivings for me. I know toys are supposed to be fun, but after several Christmases with children, “toy” starts to connect all too easily with phrases like Some Assembly Required, Batteries Not Included, May Contain Parts Not Safe for Children under 3 (and sometimes over 13). The purchase of toys in my home makes me think about how often I will have to bark directions for them to be put away and how many more plastic boxes Wal-Mart can possibly stock to keep up with our storage needs.

Okay, I have some hangs-ups! But thus far, neither my husband nor I have been pursued this theme.

However, I’m not opposed to the notion of sex toys, and I know some husbands and wives are having a great time with them! There are Christian-based websites that sell sexual aids so that you don’t have to visit or support a secular business which also promotes pornography. I strongly suggest purchasing from them rather than exposing yourself to images that may be difficult to forget.

Here are a couple:

Honoring Intimates

Marriage Spice

Since I think the subject should be addressed, but I have no experience in this area, I defer to another blogger whom I respect a great deal. If you’re interested in sex toys, see Julie Sibert’s great post on her Intimacy in Marriage blog called Batteries Included: Sex Toy Use.

Meanwhile, let me know why you do or do not use sex toys. What do you like about them? What do you dislike about them? Does your spouse wish to use them but you are reluctant?
Would you like to try something but feel hesitant?