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Q&A with J at HHH

Q&AWhile I have several drafted posts in my queue, none of them is exactly where I want it to be to publish. I figured that this would be a great time to set up a microphone and let the audience ask questions. A few rules for the Q&A session here:

1. Ask anything about marriage and sexuality. That’s my focus. Yes, I am 100% certain that other factors impact marital health (finances, communication, etc.) However, my focus is physical intimacy in marriage. Anything within that realm is fair game.

2. Please do not ask: “How do I fix my marriage’s disastrous sex life?” By that, I mean that I am not a doctor, a therapist, a theologian, a psychic, a swami, a genie, a wizard, or Dr. Phil. I am a marriage and sexuality advocate, an intimacy blogger, a wife, a mom, and most importantly a Christian. I am happy to answer specific questions based on my experience, my understanding of Scripture, my academic background, and research I have done. However, I cannot in one paragraph give you the quick fix to all of your marriage’s problems. No one can. Your marriage can be healed, but it is a process. So rather than share your entire history, think of specific questions you want to ask that would help to address the biggest or most solvable issues in your relationship.

3. I will not answer any questions about my identity. I am J. I’m kind of like “M” or “Q” in the James Bond films; Agent K and Agent J in Men in Black; or X in algebra: I am cloaked in mystery. Well, for now.

4. No protesters will be allowed the microphone. Yes, that means you in the back there with the big sign that says, “SEX IS FOR BUNNIES ONLY.” I am tired of your Rabbit-Centered Group harassing me day and night. Security will now be escorting you out of the building. Thank you very much.

Otherwise, leave a comment below and ask whatever you wish. As you may know, I am willing to discuss almost anything on my blog which impacts marriage and sexuality. I come from a biblical point of view and use common sense, research, and experience to address issues as well.

Here are a few answers to questions you may have already had swirling around in your genius brains that relate to moi:

Does my husband strut sometimes since I write a sex blog? Why yes, yes he does. But not because I write about how much I love sex with my husband. He was already doing the manly strut because our intimate life is a satisfying one. We both feel blessed to have this gift from our Heavenly Father and enjoy one another physically, emotionally, and spiritually in the act of sex.

Do I make money from writing my blog? No. I have only featured one affiliate link, from Gina Parris of Winning at Romance. The link was for her Sexy Summit, in which she invited 10 marvelous experts to talk about marriage and sex. I have not received any money from promoting that product at this point. In the future, I may have more affiliates, but I will only promote those products that I believe in regardless. However, I will clearly disclose any affiliate products, and I am not doing this blog to make money.

Does your mother know? This question was asked by a commenter: “Does your mother know you write this blog?” Certain circumstances prompted me to tell her; so yes, my mother knows. Does she read it? No! While we may want our parents and children to have quality physical intimacy in their marriages, we do not want to hear about it.

What’s my day job? As explained in my bio, I am a wife, a mother, and a writer. What do I write besides a Christian sex blog? Fiction. No need to say more at this point.

Is my bedroom a sex haven? For instance, do I have a bear rug, a heart-shaped bed, and a disco ball in my bedroom? No, but I would be willing to try that out. According to our house plans, however, the original builder (an engineer) did install additional soundproofing to the master bedroom. I thank him for that.

Now it’s your turn. Fire away! This is the time for the Q’s in the comments section. I will be interested to see what you ask. Then I’ll be on my knees praying about my response. My A (Answer) part will come in a future post or posts.

Blessings to all!

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