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Where to Have Sex: Part 2

As I mentioned in Where to Have Sex, Part 1, one of the ways to spice up your marital intimacy is by changing up your location. I covered some places you think might be good for sex, but not so much. My readers also added a few places that you should avoid, and the one that gets my vote for the biggest ick is a port-a-john (aka port-a-potty).

Clearly, my post didn’t reach some of you in time, though, as I heard stories of insect bites and other issues post-outdoor coitus. *smile*

Let’s face it: There is a reason why we so often choose our bed as the place to have sex. It is comfortable. There is a flexible mattress, cushy pillows, cool sheets, warm blankets, and plenty of space. However, there are other options besides the bed, an elevator, the beach, the table, and — heaven forbid — a port-a-john. I’m all in favor of varying the location to introduce a little spice into the experience!

Places that May Be Fun for Sex

Outside. Wait! Wasn’t that on my no-no list? Yes, but here’s the thing: The outdoors can be a beautiful setting for lovemaking, and the feel of a breeze on your skin can heighten arousal with your lover. The trick is to pick your outdoor location with care. You do not want to find yourself naked among the ant beds or poison ivy. Head to your backyard (assuming it’s fenced), your porch or deck, or find another private outdoor location. If you have a playground structure or treehouse in your yard, try that. Bring a blanket or quilt and let the moon provide the mood lighting and the birds, crickets, and cicadas provide the music. You could also set up a tent in your yard and camp out together.

A Vehicle. Well, it depends on the vehicle. Those of you who drive a Smart Car should put this one in last week’s “not so much” category. Also if you’re in a classic Corvette, you’ll find the stick shift kind of gets in the way. In the United States, however, vehicles have gotten larger and larger, so if you’re driving a van, an SUV, or a truck, you likely have ample room to get it on in the back seat or truck bed. Find an out of the way location or even your garage, pack a romantic picnic, and turn on your car radio. Turn off the vehicle’s engine and rev up your own engine. Pretty soon, it will be humming and purring with delight. Steaming up the windows and shaking the car are added bonuses to this activity.

A Chair in Your House. A chair is not a bed. But find a cushioned chair nonetheless, not a hardback wooden one. A chair is a great place to vary your intimacy routine because there are sexual positions you can get into with the assistance of a chair that are not easily done on a bed. The wife can sit on her husband’s lap facing forward or straddle him facing the back of the chair. The couple can use the chair for leverage or kneeling. You could also use a bench seat for the same purpose.

(I was tempted to link to a site with some positions, but I admit to being sensitive about such visuals. While tastefully drawn images can help, you don’t need a demonstration; you can explore and figure out what works as a couple. Just use your imagination.)

Water. By water, I mean any place where there is water — your shower, your bath, a hot tub, a river, the ocean, a pool . . . you get the idea. And by sex, I mean the whole kit-and-caboodle, not just intercourse. With those clarifications, I assert that adding a little H20 to the lovemaking can be a scintillating experience. Thus, the shower, pool, etc. is a fabulous place for foreplay, but not for penetration. (It’s too difficult to get into a good position, the surfaces are slippery, and the water can wash away the necessary moisture for comfortable entry.) But go ahead and get naked and explore one another’s bodies. Kiss and fondle. Lick and grope. There is something about the water against your skin that can enliven your senses and make you even more responsive to your spouse’s touch. When you’re ready for more, move the party to a more conducive location for lovemaking.

Pic from Romeo + Juliet

On a cozy rug or blanket. I’m not talking about a scratchy oriental rug that you bought at a garage sale and never cleaned. Or your childhood Holly Hobbie Quilt. I’m talking about a soft fabric placed on the floor — maybe in front of a fireplace or covered with rose petals and lit with candles. Aaaaah, inviting.

In a homemade fort. I’ve seen this idea on a fellow marriage blogger’s site, but for the life of me, I can’t say whose right now. (Step right up and claim credit if it was you.) However, I found a great picture, courtesy of a blog called Hill City Bride.

Homemade fort

Just like you did as a kid, build a sheets-and-blankets fort and decorate it however you want. Make it your love den. Then climb inside and get going. Doesn’t that photo inspire?

A boat. Actually, I don’t know if a boat is a good place to have sex. It’s just on my list of “I’d like to try it.” One reader last time said that they had a good experience on their boat. It seems like you’d need a big enough one to stay steady in the water, but a gentle rocking motion might be nice too.

Little Mermaid boat scene

Was I inspired by Disney?
from The Little Mermaid

And the strangest place my husband and I have ever had sex is . . . Actually, I can’t tell you. If that information came out, it could cause a little embarrassment to the people whose property we were on. I promise we were private and respectful. And it was rollicking fun. We still refer to that time now-and-then with a “Wasn’t that something?” grin and wink.

Okay, it’s time for you to gimme your best spots! If you need to do a little research first, I’ll understand. But share your best places for intimate marital lovemaking below.