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6 Questions to Ask about Your Swimsuit

I recently went to a water park. While I could write about my favorite rides, and why you should always try the thing that scares you the most because you might be surprised, I want to address an entirely different topic today.

Because I got to see a lot of women in swimsuits. And they were not all a pretty sight.

I also recently read an interesting article on Should Christians Wear Bikinis? by Christian speaker Carla Anne. Her conclusion in short is: “I don’t think Christians should wear bikinis.” She gives her reasons and graciously provides links to places where you can find modest swimsuits.

However, as I looked around the park at how women were dressed, I didn’t draw an all-bikinis-are-bad conclusion. There were several issues which determined whether a swimsuit was an appropriate choice for any given woman. Here are 5 ways I suggest you check your own swimsuit:

Women in swimsuits, circa 1920.

Circa 1920. By National Photo Company [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Does it fit? This was BY FAR the biggest issue I saw. Whether you are wearing a bikini or a one piece, a suit that is either too small or sagging can reveal far too much. The bra-area of a swimsuit should fully cover the breast. The bottoms should contain your buttocks. It’s that simple, people.

Thus, separates are your friend. I saw several women with a top or a bottom that fit, and a coordinating piece that clearly didn’t. It’s quite possible for a woman to wear a size-small top and a size-medium bottom or vice versa. You can find such choices with bikinis, or even better, tankinis.

2. Is it age-appropriate? I’m sorry, ladies, but 13 year olds and 53 year olds should not be in string bikinis. The former are too young, the latter are too old. Frankly, I don’t think anyone should be in a string bikini, but some styles really are more appropriate for certain ages than others.

Ask yourself about the pattern as well. For instance, larger polka-dots look better on younger ages than older, and older women tend to pull off solid colors and smaller patterns more successfully. If it’s a suit you could trade out with your teenage daughter, it’s too young for you.

3. Is your husband comfortable with you wearing it in public? Hopefully, your husband is a good source for such information. Many men will be honest is telling a wife whether an outfit is merely appealing or too revealing. Your swimsuit should favor your figure and be comfortable for swimming, but it should not raise the sexual antenna of other males in the vicinity. You don’t want to tempt another woman’s husband, nor do you want to show off to others what God intended for you to reserve for your husband.

4. Is it functional? Remember that you’re supposed to swim in this thing! If you are tugging at your swimsuit constantly and are worried about what might get exposed by the next wave, you need a different swimsuit. Now this isn’t the only issue, of course, because some guy might argue that a Speedo is functional, but we women don’t want to see a bunch of men in Speedos. (Please, no.) For women’s swimwear, though, it is a reasonable question to ask: Am I comfortable swimming in this attire? Can I sit or lie on a poolside chair without showing something that should stay hidden?

5. Will you look back and wonder what you were thinking? Maybe you don’t know that right now, but project yourself into the future or ask trusted friends: Will I regret wearing this in ten years? Will I be happy with photos taken of me in this swimsuit? One of the best things a college friend ever did for me was to dissuade me from piercing my nose. Now I’m not against those of you who have pierced their noses, but I’m glad that she posed this simple question: How will you feel about that hole in your nose when you’re a grandmother? Hmmm. No piercing for me, thank you. Taking that to the swimsuit issue, how will you feel about having worn that swimsuit when your grandkids are looking through your photo album?

6. Will you be happy to see Jesus if He makes His second appearance just as you are completing a swan dive in that swimsuit? Okay, that’s a loaded question. But I’m wondering whether you’ll jump for joy or grab your cover-up first. If you have any doubts, go shopping.

A quick tip here: Three triangles and some thread do not a swimsuit make.

Lest you ladies think that we are the only ones who should give this modesty swimwear topic a little contemplation, I offer the word “Speedo.” In fact, this is a rather hilarious video I came across about “togs” (swimwear) really being underwear.

Let’s face it: If your swimwear doesn’t cover anything more than your underwear covers, get a more modest suit.

So what are your thoughts? How do you make sure your swimsuit is okay for public viewing? Do you think bikinis are a complete no-no? What issues have you seen with swimwear?