Daily Archives: November 29, 2012

Keep Making Love This Season

I can already tell that my schedule is tightening. I confess that I do not get into the holiday spirit until about December 15. Before then, I’m just too busy throwing up decorations, making holiday to-do lists, shopping for family and friends, and wondering why Black Friday is scooting back every year to the point that it will eventually be Black Labor Day.

Long about the time that A Charlie Brown Christmas comes on television and reminds me what this season is all about, I get the holiday attitude. My Grinchy self becomes a proper bearer of good tidings and Christmas joy.

Charlie Brown Christmas scene

Unto you . . . is born a Savior

Of course, my grumpiness may also be due to the fact that my husband and I tend to have less sex this time of year. The busyness of the season can make it a genuine struggle to carve out time to revel in one another’s bodies and make love with abandon. Instead of cozying up in one another’s arms late at night, we could be fighting crowds at Toys R Us or cybershopping for one more relative before the shipping deadline passes. Instead of setting up for a party of two, we could be attending an office party or church party where the White Elephant gift exchange turns into a wrestling match over a holiday platter. Instead of rocking each other’s world, we’re rocking around the Christmas tree and rolling down the streets with our kids to look at Christmas lights.

Our packed-to-the-minute calendar leaves little to no time for sex.

Unless we make time for sex.

I’ve learned over the years that we tend to accomplish what we put at the top of our list. The items at the bottom get carried over day to day until we finally get a break in the madness to catch up. Sex should not be at the bottom of our holiday to-do list.

Married couples must make a concerted effort this time of year to set aside time to connect emotionally and physically. Continue to carve out a date night each week, even if it now includes a stop at a toy or electronics store to grab one more thing. If the weather is okay, take a short walk together and reconnect. Set time aside for making love.

One of the weirdest things for many couples at first is to schedule sex. But once you do it a few times, you’ll see that it’s a great idea for husbands and wives to make their intimate times a priority. Be sure to keep making love this holiday season!

P.S. I am far behind with responding to comments. My apologies, but I will be making a concerted effort to catch up. That is, after I have sex with my husband.