Love & Sex Coupons for Christmas

Why not add one more thing to the stocking or under the tree? Christmas is a time of love and joy, and God has blessed us with marriages in which we can experience a special kind of love and joy.

To print out, click HERE.

For a little more romantic inspiration, see last year’s Christmas card (also Song of Songs themed) by clicking HERE.

Merry Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Love & Sex Coupons for Christmas”

  1. J, you have outdone yourself…I can’t slip these into his stocking, because of the kiddies you know 🙂 but they will go under his pillow!

    Thanks a whole bunch and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. What a great gift! Thank you. One suggestion is that you put them in a word format and link to them year around so they can be editted for birthdays, anniversaries and any other day ending in “Y” Thanks Again!!!

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