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11 Reasons I Love My Sexy Husband

Today’s post is inspired by the Happy Wives Club, a site dedicated to “those like us who enjoy being a wife, absolutely adore their husband and are still head-over-heels in love.” Happy Wives Club is hosting a link-up today, encouraging women to blog about reasons they love their husbands.

Since I write about married sexuality, I wondered how I should approach this. I could say, “Well, there’s this thing my hubby does with his hands that . . .” Yeah, not so much. Not sharing that one. (Even if, at that very moment, I love, adore, and revel in my husband. I mean, wow.)

J's and her husband's feet

Yes, that’s really us.

I racked my brain a bit longer, but here are 11 Reasons I Love My Sexy Husband:

  1. He’s never cheated, and I trust that he won’t. Admittedly, the guy gets lots of sex from me — which provides some temptation protection. However, he has an incredibly ethical core and long before me committed to being monogamous.
  2. He’s always been satisfied with my breasts (Proverbs 5:19). I’ve mentioned on this blog that I had augmentation a few years back, and he has approached my breasts with delight before and after.
  3. He thinks porn is stupid. That’s the upshot of it. His basic take is “Why look at something you can’t touch?” And he can touch me.
  4. He is adventurous in the bedroom, without being kinky. I agonized over how to say that. My husband is open to trying new things, but he has never suggested or pressured me to participate in any fringe sexual activities. For me, that strikes a good balance of feeling both free and secure.
  5. He seeks my pleasure. My husband is genuinely interested in making sure that I experience deep pleasure and orgasms. He is turned on by turning me on . . . which turns me on . . . which turns him on . . . You get the point.
  6. He never reminds me of my tainted sexual past. His attitude is that was then, this is now. He doesn’t get jealous over past lovers or make me feel like damaged goods in any way because of my premarital history. Like God, he wiped the slate clean.
  7. He is committed to teaching our kids about godly sex. He has sat with me in conversation with our kids explaining the birds and bees . . . and how humans do it. He’s much better than I at the anatomy questions too.
  8. When I asked him to get rid of the “whitey-tighties,” he did. Yes, wives have opinions about their spouses’ undies too. I couldn’t get him to wear the Superman Underoos (which he would totally rock), but he did let me have some say in his undergarments.
  9. He jokes with me. As you might surmise by the blog’s title, being able to laugh is important to me. My hubby and I flirt with word play and crack each other up all the time — even in bed. Knowing that we can laugh off whatever awkwardness might happen frees me up to be physically and emotionally naked with him.
  10. He flirts with me in front of our children. He’s maybe gone a little far now and then, to the point that even this marriage and sex blogger blushes and looks away. But our kids know that their parents love one another and express intimacy in a committed marriage. They see it in how we touch, kiss, and flirt.
  11. He supports my blog. He encourages me to continue writing here and offers his feedback on posts from time to time. He has given me carte blanche to share from our intimate life anything that might help other couples (knowing, of course, that I have boundaries for how detailed I get).

Now that I read all of that, my husband’s is looking really good. I might have to ask him to do that things with his hands . . .

However, if you’ve read my story, you know that I wasn’t always a happy wife. At different points in my marriage, I’ve been a:

  • This-isn’t-what-I-signed-up-for wife
  • My-hubby’s-a-selfish-jerk wife
  • Crying-all-the-time wife
  • We-ain’t-gonna-make-it wife

We made it. We hung in there. We worked things out. Having God in our corner and good sexual intimacy helped us pull through. Our marriage continues to grow.

So even if you’re not a happy wife right now, I’d encourage you to look for the good in your husband, pray for wisdom and patience, and seek out happy wives who demonstrate that marriage can be a genuine blessing.

The 11 items above are my husband’s strengths. Your husband’s strengths are likely different. Perhaps your husband doesn’t think porn is stupid and has struggled with that temptation. Or maybe he doesn’t help you address questions about sex with the kids. Yet your husband may be very romantic (mine isn’t) or loves buying you pretty lingerie (mine doesn’t). My hubby looks wonderful to me, but please don’t read this list and decry that your husband has an issue where mine doesn’t. Consider your own marriage and how your husband blesses you. Make your own list.

In the comments, share something you love about your sexy husband. What about your husband gets your motor running?

Thanks, Fawn of Happy Wives Club, for a great topic!