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It’s National Underwear Day


From Ekuko my love via Wikimedia Commons

It just so happens to be National Underwear Day. If you were planning to go commando today, get back in there and slip on some undies. I’ll wait.

This isn’t like a really big thing. It’s a holiday declared by a lingerie company in New York and celebrated since 2003. And it’s obviously leaving out some of my fabulous readers outside the States, so they really should have branched out and made it InterNational Underwear Day. Regardless, I’m going to use this fortuitous moment to talk about your skivvies (skivvies = slang for underwear).

Even if your husband has a preference for no underwear, he still likely enjoys seeing you in just your underwear. Whether he catches a glimpse as you’re getting dressed in the morning, or he views them during your sexual encounter somewhere between removing-the-blouse and oh-yeah-naked, your underwear can make an impression.

So what does your undies drawer look like? Is it populated by undies older than your teenager? Have you been hanging onto underwear that really fit two sizes ago? Are your undies more appropriate for full coverage in a junior high locker room or for showing off your assets to your hubby?

Perhaps it’s time to do an undies drawer sweep.

That’s exactly what I’m planning to do this week — my way of celebrating National Underwear Day. Because honestly, it’s been a while since I took a good hard look at what’s covering my bum . . . or not covering my bum, as the case may be. It’s a fairly simple process to go through your panties pile and determine what’s a keeper and what’s not.

Take out each pair and answer some questions to see whether it goes back in the drawer or heads to the closest garbage can.

Does it fit properly? Your undies should cover everything they need to cover and stay in place. Specifically, ask whether they bunch up, ride up, scoot down, fall, roll, or give you a wedgie. Do you have trouble getting them on? Do they stretch across your skin like they should be made of elastic instead of fabric? Do you yank at your undies throughout the day?

Those beautiful bloomers may not fit quite like they did, because your body changes. Also, you may have bought a size you wore before, but the manufacturer changed the sizing without telling you. Don’t sweat the number on the tag. In fact, if it bothers you for some reason, cut out the tag when you get home.

But you’ll look and feel better in undies that fit.

Is it in good condition? Check the stitching and the fabric to make sure that it’s still in good shape. If the elastic has stretched out too much, or the stitching is coming out, or the fabric is frayed, it’s time to mercilessly toss that pair in the trash. And if it has a hole . . . well, the answer should be obvious.

Is it ugly? Let’s face it: Sometimes we buy underwear that are really comfortable but just not pretty, or maybe we buy it on the fly not hunting down a truly good pair. If you or your husband cringe when you get down to that pair, why do you have those undies at all?

I’m talking to myself, ladies, because there is one pair of underwear that my husband has actually called my granny panties. They are sooooo comfortable that I’ve held onto them like Linus’s blanket. But seriously, can I not find undies that are both comfortable and pretty? Of course I can. Why not be extra-sweet to the hubster and ditch the U-G-L-Y undies? Bye-bye.

Does it flatter your body? Not everyone can pull off high-rise bikinis or hipsters or briefs. Your body type can help determine what type of undies will look best on you. Honestly, I hunted far and wide for advice in this regard, but there isn’t much out there. Here’s what I found.

Well-fitting briefs and bikinis can look good on almost anyone. But if you’re battling tummy bulge, try a high-waist style that will cover your abdomen. If you’ve got an athletic build or a nice curvy bottom, boy shorts may fit your body well. If you’re getting a lump just past your panty line — where your thighs break free — a high-cut leg can take the pressure off and provide a smoother look. Thongs are a popular option for many, but just make sure the front flatters your body type.

You may need to experiment — buying one style of this, one style of that — and find out what looks best and what you feel most comfortable in. Remember that even if you settle on basic briefs, you can look for features that flatter your feminine shape, like a dip in the middle, ruffles, etc.

What does your husband think? Assuming he can pause long enough to give an opinion other than an open mouth and a knowing wink, you can ask your husband which undies he likes and which he wishes would get balled up and burned in the outdoor fire pit. Some men give excellent feedback on what looks good on their wives, even if they can’t always say exactly why.

Regardless, consider your husband when purchasing your undergarments. He and you are likely the only ones who see your undies regularly, so why not look pretty for him? I’m a believer that you can find something both comfortable for you and appealing to him. Give it a shot!

And then give him a peek. (Or much more than a peek . . .)

So this week, I’ll be taking a fresh look at my undies drawer. Maybe you’ll do the same and see what changes you want to make. Happy National Underwear Day!

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By the way, under no circumstances do I condone one of the way the instigators of National Underwear Day choose to celebrate: by advocating people show up in public in their skivvies. No way, no how.