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Using Your Body for Marital Intimacy: What to Do with Your Legs

Yes, legs.

In Song of Songs 7:1, the husband comments on his wife’s lovely gams, “Your graceful legs are like jewels, the work of an artist’s hands.”

Photo credit: Microsoft Word Clip Art (altered)

Photo credit: Microsoft Word Clip Art (altered)

But beyond being a beautiful part of the body for him to gaze upon, what can you do with your legs during lovemaking with your husband? For ease, I am defining “legs” in this post as everything from just below your hip down, including your feet. (See picture to the right, but no, don’t try that handstand.) Here are some tips for what to do with your legs:

Touch. You can start by stroking your husband with your legs and/or feet. When you embrace, rub your legs against his legs or torso. Stroke his back or buttocks with your calves or feet. Wrap your legs around his body. Skin-to-skin contact heightens arousal. Often the more your bodies touch, the better. So involve your legs and feet in touching your man.

You can also use your feet to rub his testicles or his penis. Be gentle! It’s a bit harder to control the pressure of your touch with feet than hands, so you’ll need to be careful to touch the jewels delicately, please. But playing “footsie” with his privates could be a big turn-on for your hubby.

Proximity. Your legs are a great way to signal to your husband how close you want him to be. Assuming you’re making love face-to-face, you can wrap your legs around his body and pull him in closer with your legs. This is especially useful when he’s thrusting and you want him to go deeper.

Of course, your legs can also push him away. For instance, if you want a break to change position, you can use your feet or legs to push him back and reposition your body.

Sexual positioning. So here’s the biggie. Your legs can play a starring role in your sexual positioning with your husband. Besides the usual on-the-bed placement, or wrapped around your honey, what can you do with your legs to try different positions?

Legs wide. This may seem obvious, but there are times when you should spread particularly wide — that is, send one leg east and the other west. For instance, to give your husband a clear view of your private beauty, to provide easy access for oral sex, or to experience a different sensation during intercourse.

Legs together. Closing your legs tighter can provide more pressure on the hubs and provide an interesting sensation for you. This can be done from a front-to-front position or with him behind, spooning, or several other basic positions. The closeness of your thighs to knees is what really matters here.

Legs raised. Positioning your legs and feet up either behind your husband or on him can affect how sexual intercourse feels. Changing your legs’ position changes the angle at which your genitals connect, meaning that the sensations you experience can change. And you may find a position you like particularly well.

What do I mean by “raised”? I decided to spare you my stick-figure art, so instead let’s meet Bob and Betty Pipecleaner:

Pipecleaner examplesThey’ve been happily married for 23 years and agreed to be photographed for demonstration purposes — with the stipulation that no private parts would be shown. (No problem, Bob & Betty.)

Without further ado, here are some options:

Position 2

Her legs over his shoulders

Her legs up and straight

Her legs up and straight

Her legs bent and feet on his chest

Her legs bent and feet on his chest

Of course, you can do these sitting. Him sitting, her with legs up.

Of course, you can do these sitting. Him sitting, her with legs up.

And for the adventurous... him standing, her legs over his shoulders

And for the adventurous… him standing, her legs over his shoulders

(Aren’t you glad I spared you the stick figure drawings? *smile*)

Those are just some of the choices you have, but you can move your legs here, there, and wherever to create different angles. Changing up your legs’ position can provide different visuals, access, and sensations for the both of you. Experiment a little and see what happens.

Rhythm. Your legs, knees, and feet can also control or contribute to the rhythm of your lovemaking. For instance, by squatting over your husband’s body, the wife can take control of the thrusting herself, using up-and-down and rocking motions. In a hands-and-knees position, with the husband entering the vagina from behind, the wife can also rock her body on her legs and meet the rhythm that he provides. The wife can also put her feet on his chest, against the wall behind her husband, or on the floor if they’re sitting to get some traction for using her legs and pulsing her body against his.

If you’ve left the thrusting entirely to your husband thus far, I suspect he’d love to see you get involved. Use those legs and move against him in a way that shows you’re a happy participant. You might also like taking charge at times, so that you can adjust to what feels good to you and increase your pleasure. (Which will likely increase his pleasure, since the vast majority of husbands are very aroused seeing their wife aroused.)

Okay, that’s it! My suggestions on how to use your legs in marital intimacy. Before I go, Bob and Betty would like to wish you well.

"Blessings for your marriage!"

“Blessings for your marriage!”