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3 Tips for More Intimate Lovemaking

Did you know that I’m a monthly contributor to Unveiled Wife? Jennifer Smith hosts a wonderful marriage blog directed toward Christian Wives that includes everything from practical tips to inspiration to, yeah, sexual intimacy.

You can also sign up for her daily prayers for your husband and get guidance on how to pray for your man.

I’ve decided to start linking here to these guest posts. (They’re shorter than I usually write at Hot, Holy & Humorous, so you won’t lose time being here first and then clicking over there.) So here’s the sample and link to this month’s offering: 3 Tips for More Intimate Lovemaking.

Sex according to God’s design includes great physical pleasure, but also involves your emotions and your soul. You connect deeply and intimately with your husband as you share something unique to your relationship: the sexual joining of your bodies that represents and nurtures your covenant love.

But perhaps you and your husband aren’t feeling that deep connection. Here are three quick tips for more intimate lovemaking in your marriage:

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