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Making the Most of His Manhood

For the purposes of this post, the word “manhood” can be defined as “penis.” Just so you know.

When we talk about male anatomy with regard to sex, the usual perspective is your husband has a penis, which gives way to his testicles, and then there’s his torso. Measuring a penis only involves testicle-to-tip. Hand job and oral sex tips instruct the use of your hand/mouth from balls-to-bulb. Penetration is really only possible down to those dual package obstacles where semen is manufactured as happily as Willy Wonka makes chocolate.

But actually, your husband penis extends a bit past his testicles. There is arousal and satisfaction to be had by making the most of his manhood — including the few inches of penile tissue that run in between his testicles and beyond. Let me show you what I mean:

Male reproductive anatomy
Photo credit: Tsaitgaist via Wikimedia Commons (modified)

When sexual arousal occurs, the penis fills up with blood like a balloon fills with air. It stiffens and rises, and the size of the man’s testicles increases as well. But those testicles remain loose, tender, and movable. If you follow the stiff artery running on the underside of your husband’s penis with your finger, you can stroke all the way between his testicles and even farther to the section I (scientifically) named “area often neglected” in the above diagram.

Those few inches are also in contact with the corpus cavernosum (or really cavernosa, since there are two tubes in there), where the incoming arteries open and outgoing veins constrict to cause the penis to hold pressure and fill with blood. And since those tubes are where the erection is maintained, it’s not a bad idea to stroke it. You can use your hand to contact that whole length of his penis, from his tip down the shaft, through his testicles, and all the way to his torso.

Indeed, his body may help you get to that lower length as he edges toward climax. When a man draws close to orgasm, his testicles tend to raise up a little, retreating back a bit toward his trunk. Possibly to allow for deeper penetration of the penis into the vagina. But if you’re in the midst of intercourse, wives, you can reach down with your hand past your connection and add some tension to the penis in that neglected area. The extra attention might increase his excitement and help him finish.

Another interesting benefit of letting your hand make the most of his manhood is that the corpus cavernosa lead up to the prostate gland. Recently, sexual researchers have postulated that the prostate gland is a bit like a woman’s G-spot, an extra sensitive area that likes being stimulated. Applying pressure to the corpus cavernosa, all the way up the length of his penis to his torso, can indirectly stimulate that gland. It’s a bit like an especially good rub in a massage.

Of course, your husband is the best consultant for how he likes to be touched and stroked. Ask him what he thinks of you making more contact with that area. Experiment with stroking, kissing, and rubbing all the way down his penis, beyond his shaft. See what he thinks!

If he likes that sensation, add it to your repertoire. If he has different tips, give those a try. Explore and find the areas of his penis that yearn for your touch.

Make the most of his manhood.