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Aligning Your Sexual Desires with God’s Plan

When I think about the times when my sex life was not at all what it should have been, I didn’t want what God wanted. Whether it was in my promiscuous premarital past, when I wanted to have sex with who I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted. Or when I was holding on to a gut-sinking load of guilt for my past, even though I was now in a God-approved marriage. Or when I was post-childbirth and withholding affection and sex from my husband because I was exhausted and overwhelmed.

I just didn’t want things God’s way. I wanted them my way.

The absolute best thing I’ve ever done for the sexual intimacy in my marriage is not some easy tip or particular move or even increasing communication. It was committing to having sex in my life on God’s terms.

Once I acknowledged that God had quite a lot to say about my sex life, and I needed to know what that was, I began to search for answers. I looked for ways to align my sexual desires with God’s plan.

Yes, that led that looking for specific methods of putting into practice biblical principles of sexual intimacy in marriage. But it was the foundation that made me want something more. I wanted to experience all the blessings God had stored for me and my husband for our marriage. I wanted to know that deep intimacy with my husband that comes with a God-blessed sex life. I wanted to honor my Lord, even in my marriage bed.

Which is why I’m starting out this year’s Know Scripture plan with this memory verse for your marriage:

Marriage Memory Verse 1 - Psalm 37:4

Of course, this verse can apply to so much in life. But if everything in your marriage bed isn’t what you wish it were, you’ve definitely got some desires in your heart. Do you have the right foundation for those desires? Have you started with delighting in the Lord? And in His plan for sexual intimacy?

This is the first verse of January, and I will be providing three more before month’s end. Choose at least one and commit it to memory. By the end of the year, you’ll have 12 new verses stored in your mind and your heart — scripture that will inspire your spiritual walk with God and your life journey with your spouse.

Bible Memory Tip

To get you started, you can download the following memory verse help. Print out the document on regular paper or card stock, cut along the dotted lines, and start with the card that shows the full memory verse. Then test yourself over the week or month by using the other cards that leave out key words until you can recite the whole verse my memory.

Of course, you can make these yourself with any verse of the Bible, and it’s a simple way to commit scripture to memory.

Memory Verse Help - Psalm 37:4

Whether you decide to memorize this verse or another one from this month, take time consider what Psalm 37:4 means for your life, your marriage, and your marriage bed. Do you need to make some changes? How can improve in this area?