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7 Things You Should Say to Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is three days away! If gifts mean a lot to your mate, you’d better have a plan or be working on one right now. In case you need help, I have several past posts you can peruse for ideas:

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But whether your marriage involves exchanging gifts or blowing off the whole holiday, I’ve got seven romantic things you should say to your husband (or wife) on Valentine’s Day. Or some day soon. Here they are.

7 Things You Should Say to Your Spouse on Valentine's Day

1. You are attractive to me. It’s uncommon that one spouse has no attraction whatsoever to the person they married. So I’d guess that 99% of you can say this one without reserve. (And if you can’t, read this post.) Tell your sweetheart that you find him handsome, sexy, desirable, and overall your brand of catnip, so to speak. If there’s something you especially appreciate, name that feature. Make sure your honey knows he’s still your hot honey.

2. I like you being my friend. Some of you will happily insert the word best in there: “You are my best friend.” I don’t tend to think of my husband that way, and I’m not alone, but I do think it’s important to let your guy know that he’s not just your provider, garbage-dumper, father to your children, spider-killer, roommate, and lover — he’s your genuine friend. He’s the guy you love to hang out with, laugh with, share stories with, do life with.

3. I’m sorry. You know there’s something you should apologize for. Even if it’s not understanding how important something is to your husband. You might be waiting for him to fess up to all of his wrongs and beg for mercy. But one of the most loving things you can do in your marriage is to humbly take responsibility for your own sins and ask for forgiveness. We’re just not perfect people, and we let each other down. Say I’m sorry.

4. I admire the person you are. Romans 12:10 says, “Outdo one another in showing honor” (ESV). Do you let your husband know that you respect, honor, and admire him? Men in particular respond to these expressions, although many of us ladies cherish such encouragement too. Go ahead and tell your husband outright that he is admiration-worthy in your eyes. If you can, tell him exactly why — that you admire the way he handles your kids, works his job, leads Bible classes, etc. Let your hubster know he’s got someone in his corner.

5. I’d choose you again. No matter how easy-breezy or rough your marriage has been, you picked this guy out of all the others and said I do in front of God and witnesses. For some reason, you thought you couldn’t live without him. Confirm that commitment by saying you’d do it again. You were willing to go through the hardships to have the happy marriage you have now, or you are willing to keep swimming through difficult waters to reach a better destination. Either way, you’re happy with the person you picked, and you’d choose him again.

6. I want to make love to you. For those with lower-drive hubbies, be sure to emphasize that it’s about lovemaking with him. It’s not meeting some physical need, but bonding together in intimacy. Offer to pleasure your husband in a way that he particularly enjoys. Show affection and honor in how you initiate. But make it clear that you long to be one flesh, in your lives and in your marriage bed. If you’re the lower-drive spouse, your hubby will be thrilled to have you express interest and desire for him.

7. I love you _______. Likely you’ve said those three words to each other many times over, but say them again . . . with something extra added on. How you fill in the blank is up to you! It could be: “I love you more than ever.” “I love you and all that you do for our family.” “I love you so much my heart feels like it’s bursting.” “I love you to infinity and beyond!” In my marriage, we have a phrase that’s meaningful to the two of us that I’d add to the words I love you. (No, I’m not sharing them here. Just between me and “Spock.”) Maybe you have a pet phrase too. But get extra close to your husband, linger in his arms, and express your love in a memorable way.

Of course, you can change the wording of any of these seven items to fit your marriage. But these are areas in which we should speak directly and lovingly to our husbands. (And wives. Yes, I know I have faithful male readers. Thanks, guys!)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell your hubby how much he means to you.

What other phrases would you add to my list? What would you like to say to your husband or wife? And what would you like to hear?