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5 Sexually Sensitive Spots on Her Body You Should Know

It’s Saturday, which means it’s the day I share what I’m calling my high-five! That is, five things I want y’all to know about — whether it’s resources, previous posts, tips, or whatever else comes to mind.

Today, let’s talk about some sex specifics. Although I thought I knew my way around female anatomy pretty well when I started this blog, I’ve learned quite a bit since. So let me share five sexually sensitive spots on a wife’s body that you should know about.

Title in a "spot" (circle) with a spotted background

Wives, you should know about these places on your body—where they are, how they respond to touch, and how you want to incorporate them into sexual encounters in your marriage bed.

Wives, you should know about these places on your body—where they are, how they respond to touch, and how you want to incorporate them into sexual encounters in your marriage bed. Click To Tweet

Husbands, you should explore these areas yourself, taking feedback from your wife on what she likes because, while these are all high-arousal places, women have varied preferences on how they like them handled.

Okay, here are the five spots!

1. Nipples.

Ohmygoodness, did I just say nipples on my blog?! Yes. Yes, I did. Hey, we all have them, but in puberty the secretion of female hormones make their nipples far more sensitive than men’s. So while both genders report enjoying nipple stimulation, sexual touch in that area can cause particularly high arousal for wives.

A small percentage of women report being able to orgasm from nipple stimulation, and research has indeed shown that nipple stimulation lights up the same area in the brain the clitoris lights up: the genital sensory cortex.

But although most wives won’t achieve orgasm this way, paying attention to the nipples can enhance arousal, extend foreplay, and increase the intensity of an orgasm that originates elsewhere. So yeah … nipples.

2. Clitoral bulbs.

And now, we’re going to pause and have an anatomy lesson. Because if you thought the clitoris was just that little nub sticking out at the top of the vulva, you thought like a lot of us did. We were all taught that … and we were wrong. Here’s the real story:

Did you see those bulbs that go down the sides of the vagina? Those are also sensitive, arousing spots that can be stimulated with massage. Experiment with stroking the area on the outside and then inside of the labia majora, or outer vaginal lips. This area will require a little more firmness, but it can be a very pleasurable sensation and can lead to a longing for more direct touch of the clitoral hood.

3. Clitoral hood.

And here’s that part that sticks out at the top, which has often just taken the whole definition of clitoris for itself — selfish girl. Then again, you could make a case that she’s selfish for a reason … because making her a center of attention can really pay off in the marriage bed.

Directly stimulating the clitoral hood is often the best way, and sometimes the only way, a wife can achieve orgasm. If you want great tips on stimulating that area, with hands or tongue, I have relevant chapters in my book, Hot, Holy, and Humorous: Sex in Marriage by God’s Design, which is currently on a huge sale for the ebook!

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4. G-Spot.

Whether the G-Spot is real seems to get debated as much as the existence of Bigfoot or extraterrestrial life. But having had those aliens land in my bedroom, so to speak, I’m in the camp of believing that the G-Spot is not only real, but wants you to make contact.

The G-Spot is merely an area on the front side of the vagina that, when stimulated, can produce very pleasurable feelings. Some say it can produce orgasm as well, but others say that it’s contact with the extensive clitoris that actually makes that happen. Regardless, if you can find the G-Spot — and it’s not imperative that you do — you might enjoy the sensation. Your best bet is using fingers, but it’s possible for the penis to reach it. Here’s an illustration to help you know where to go looking:

Female anatomy illustration

By Tsaitgaist – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8940986

5. Skene’s Glands.

Take another look at that drawing above. Right above the G-Spot are the Skene’s glands. What is that area for? I don’t know, other than being connected to what’s sometimes called “shejaculation.”

You see, some women report that having that area stimulated results in both good sensations and the release of fluid. This fluid isn’t the same content or consistency as lubrication secreted through the vaginal walls. And while it’s not really all that well-explained by science yet, many wives have experienced this phenomenon colloquially referred to as “squirting.”

Let me warn you, however, that it’s mostly a crapshoot to find these glands. They vary in size from woman to woman, so it might be relatively easy to find for one wife and nearly impossible for another — and that could be about nothing more than different structure.

However, I also want to reassure you that this isn’t the peak of stimulation. It can feel good and produce an intriguing expulsion of liquid, but it’s not like full-throttle orgasm. If you never find it, that’s okay — you have plenty of other spots to explore and enjoy.

So those are the five spots! Let me leave you with two final thoughts:

  1. Husbands, these are five sexually arousing places, but they are not the keys to the kingdom. You get those keys by paying attention to your wife throughout the day, wooing her in the way she enjoys, giving extended attention to other places on her body she enjoys you touching and kissing, and finally, eventually, you can head for these goodies. Because by then, she’ll (hopefully) really want you there.
  2. Wives and husbands, these spots on not like playground rides where you can’t get on the swing and the seesaw at the same time. You can stimulate more than one spot here simultaneously! And doing so could yield big pleasure dividends. You never know until you try, eh?

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