Christmas Gift Certificates for Your Spouse

I like giving a holiday gift to my readers—something that says both Merry Christmas and thank you! After all, I wouldn’t be here but for those of you who read, follow, subscribe, share, and comment on my posts.

This year, I took an oldie but goodie and updated it! Below are downloadable gift certificates for wife and husband to tuck into one another’s stockings or place under the tree. Each certificate entitles the bearer to a loving or sexy gift and includes a quote from Song of Songs.

Print them all to create a book or stack of certificates or simply use the ones you like and leave the rest behind. For sturdier certificates, print on photo paper or card stock. Each page has three certificates, and you merely need to cut the page horizontally into thirds.

Gift certificates for him: Click HERE to Download



Gift certificates for her: Click HERE to Download



Merry Christmas!

from J at Hot, Holy & Humorous

Some previous years’ gifts:

5 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Certificates for Your Spouse”

  1. Thank you for creating these gift certificates for us, your readers. What a wonderful gift to share. By chance, is there any way to edit them to change the term of endearment used, though?

  2. These are really nice! I can’t use them in this life, but I send prayers and love for the couples who are able to partake.

    I dear friend of my wife’s is in hospital with a pulmonary embolism and ‘suspicious’ lymph nodes, and will be there over Christmas. The best present I could give Barb is ‘Go. Be with Caryn and Robert, and let your faith and cheerful nature be their support.’

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New year’s, J!

  3. In my opinion, I think they can be two different things. Making love represents the romantic, tender, very much in the mood encounters with a spouse. There are also times when it’s more about the gut level lust and physical pleasure for both of us, that I tend to refer to having sex because environment and mood are not so important on those ocassions, it’s more about a rip roaring good time. Again, just my opinion

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