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Reminder: Top Marriage Blogs Voting Ends Today

Top 10 Marriage Blogs 2011

As I have said before, I’m a bit uncomfortable with pimping promoting my own blog. In college, I did a project for film appreciation class on the history of the Academy Awards. Back in the 1920s when they began, actors and actresses wined, dined, and gave extravagant gifts to the voters to increase their chances of taking home an Oscar. I don’t want to be a schmoozer like that.

Yet I did think it appropriate to remind readers that today is the last day to vote on Stu and Lisa Gray’s Stupendous Marriage website for the Top Marriage Blogs of 2011. There are almost 50 nominees, and the 10 blogs with the most votes receive the honor of making the final list. You may only vote once.

Vote for whatever blog you enjoy! If you do, or did, vote for Hot, Holy & Humorous, accept my heartfelt thanks. Ultimately, however, the great thing about this exercise is that it gets more readers to blogs that are promoting godly marriages and quality relationships.

I will continue to do what I do here at Hot, Holy & Humorous. And I am continually grateful for the faithful followers, the casual readers, and the oops!-how-did-I-land-here browsers.