My comments policy can be summed up by Luke 6:31 (NASB):

Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.

All comments are reviewed by the administrator before they are posted. Comments may not appear for the following reasons:

  • Too revealing, graphic, or inappropriate. I’m pretty liberal here, given the subject matter, but examples of TMI might be crass terminology or extremely detailed descriptions of sexual acts.
  • Personal attacks. Feel free to agree, disagree, or add your own knowledge, opinions, and insight to the subject matter. However, please refrain from personal insults. They don’t further the conversation or persuade anyone.
  • Links to opposition sites. Leaving a comment like “I disagree with J. All of her readers should check out this article instead: [link]” is a sure way to end up in the no-go pile. My blog does not exist to promote viewpoints opposed to the Bible or to the mission of Hot, Holy & Humorous.
  • Sales promotions. This blog will not facilitate sales for other sites. From time to time, I may suggest a book or product, and there may be an affiliate link on my site; such recommendations are my own discretion. But vendors should use their own sites to promote their products.
  • False/dangerous teaching. Not all Christians interpret every verse in the Bible the same way. I am absolutely open to healthy, respectful debate. However, teachings that could cause harm to my readers may be passed over, as I have some responsibility for what appears on my site.

I welcome your comments and appreciate your feedback. However, I reserve the right to delete comments for these, and any other, legitimate reasons. Hot, Holy & Humorous exists to minister to married couples, and this mission will remain the focus.

You may comment using your name, a nickname, or Anonymous. (Anonymous is by far my most frequent commenter. *smile*)

I read all comments and reply to as many as I can; yet time is limited. Please know that I appreciate your feedback, whether I am able to respond or not. If you ask me a question in your comments, I try to answer within a day or two. If I take longer, it’s usually because I’m praying and deeply considering my answer to your scenario. I appreciate your patience.

I welcome input. I enjoy conversation. I appreciate all readers.

May God bless your marriage and your sex life!