Hot, Holy & Humorous

What I Believe

Sexuality is a gift designed by God for reproduction, intimacy, and pleasure between a husband and a wife. It is intended to occur only in the sacred bond of marriage. Within that bond, it is your personal amusement park!

Godly people need to speak up and reclaim the topic of sexuality. All too often, we allow the secular world to set the tone of the conversation and activity in this realm. But Christian couples devoted to God’s plan of sexual intimacy have the most smokin’ hot sex there is!

People face challenges in the area of sexuality — from health issues to past history to body image struggles to daily distractions. Gender differences and a general misunderstanding of the role of sex also play a part. Couples often need not only a healthy philosophy of sex, but practical how-tos. Almost all sexual problems can be addressed and resolved.

Some sexual issues are beyond the capacity of a Christian wife and blogger to tackle. I am not a licensed counselor, a medical professional, or a biblical scholar. If you continue to struggle in the area of sexuality, you should seek the help of a therapist, doctor, or pastor.If your spouse won’t attend with you, go on your own and see whether there are actions you can take by yourself to improve your relationship.

Sex in marriage should be Hot, Holy & Humorous! God desires that we have steamy sexual encounters with our spouse and that our physical intimacy honor Him. In addition, anyone who has been at this for long knows that it can be funny too. From sex positioning, to holding your breath when your child jiggles the doorknob and says, “Whatcha doin’?”, to the time I whacked my head on the footboard but said to my hubby, “Keep going!”, good sex can make you chuckle. In fact, I believe that God’s got a great belly laugh. How about you?

Good Christians can disagree about particulars in the sexual arena. The big issues almost all Christians agree on (for example, that sexuality is a gift from God), but there are lesser issues (for example, masturbation) about which godly people disagree. Part of my reason for posting a blog is to get people to consider their decisions and discuss physical intimacy with their spouses. You may or may not agree with everything I post on my blog, and that’s all right! I welcome feedback and conversation (see Comments).

There is no secret formula or single resource to ensure quality physical intimacy in marriage. I have learned a lot about Christian sexuality from combing through other resources and talking to people. Still, it’s rare for me to find someone with whom I agree 100% or who addresses all of my concerns.I hope, therefore, that you will read through my blog, select what is helpful, and find other resources to address your marriage’s issues as needed.

God has prompted me to speak up in the area of godly sexuality. My past and present experiences, as well as numerous conversations I’ve had with others about sex, provide the background for me to have something to say. Additionally, I have studied the subject of sex from a Christian perspective through the Bible, books, and other resources.God prodded me for a while to apply my learning to help others, and I finally answered His call by starting this blog. I hope it helps.

I pray for the marriages of people who read my blog and follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I have prayed about my own marriage for years and, along with applying God’s principles, talking to Him has been a buoy at times when I felt like I was sinking. Prayer also helps me to focus on adopting a godly attitude toward my spouse. Now I am praying for your marriage as well!

May God bless all of you with happy marriages and hot, holy & humorous sex!