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Are you struggling to embrace your God-given sexuality, unsure how to get your spouse on board or looking for sex tips that align with godliness?


While sex is a significant part of marriage, it’s not always easy to navigate or nurture. Hot, Holy & Humorous provides information, encouragement, and resources to help you experience the best sexual intimacy you can have—sex in marriage as God designed it to be. Take a look around, find resources that address your marriage’s needs, and begin improving your sex life today!


Listen to Sex Chat for Christian Wives podcast co-hosted with three other marriage bloggers. We're godly girlfriends providing kitchen table talk about real and biblical sexuality, with episodes released every other week.

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Join our community for women with higher sexual interest than their husbands. We provide godly support, wisdom, and information to help you navigate a marriage in which you are the higher drive spouse.


Looking for a speaker to address the topic of sex in marriage, with a focus on a godly perspective? J. Parker, is an expert in the field who specializes in fostering intimacy within the context of a marriage rooted in faith.

Hi there, I'm J. Parker

I started Hot, Holy & Humorous as a blog in 2009 with the goal of helping others understand God’s design for sex in marriage and embrace God’s blessings for your marriage bed.

Making It Hot.
Keeping It Holy.
Embracing Its Humor.

Enjoy sizzling and satisfying sex in your marriage- and talk about it!

Couples often struggle to understand their spouse and discuss their sex life. In Pillow Talk: 40 Conversations about Sex for Married Couples, J.Parker provides the right framework for productive communication on a myriad of issues and helps your marriage bed move from awkward to amazing!


You demystified every aspect of this new sexual discovery

You demystified and comforted me about every aspect of this new sexual discovery….I have never read anything in a Christian viewpoint about sex that was so transparent.

"K" Wife

You have literally saved my marriage!

You have literally saved my marriage because you were open to the calling the Lord has on your life. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that.

"A" Wife

Without this site, many wouldn`t know what truly is available in the marriage bed

I’m so thankful for you and this site. Without it, many would not know what truly is available in the marriage bed (…or the marriage couch…or the marriage dining room table…)

"J" Wife

Must Read Books by J. Parker

My books about sex come from a Christian point of view that have been described as “practical,” “God-honoring,” “helpful,” “honest,” and “hilarious.” Learn more about how to have a great sex life by checking out J’s books!

Become the higher desire wife God wants you to be!

The Higher Desire Wife is a community of godly women, just like you, who share and support each other in marriage. This community is founded on faith, using biblical principles to govern intimacy in marriage, whilst keeping it hot, holy and humorous

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Have you considered making a sexy bucket list with your spouse? Here are tips for how to do that, plus 50 ideas to spark your imagination!

On this Independence Day, let's talk about how independent or dependent spouses in a marriage should be. Perhaps it's about interdependence.

Sexual intimacy, as God created and desires for marriage, requires vulnerability. Yet we cannot be fully vulnerable without safety.

Hot, Holy & Humorous

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