Hot, Holy & Humorous

Marriage: It Can Be Funny

I recently asked readers to answer 4 QUESTIONS for me. (They’re quick and your answers are very helpful, so if you haven’t done that, please head over to that post and give me your two cents.) From the feedback I’ve received so far, I decided we needed a humor day!

Marriage: It Can Be Funny

After all, this is Hot, Holy & Humorous. Because I believe those are three things a healthy, godly marriage bed have — hot passion, holy purpose, and a great sense of humor.

So without further ado, here are three chances for you to laugh it up on your own . . . or grab your spouse and enjoy together!

  1. I recently discovered The Skitzy Chicks, through their hilarious Back to School video. But here’s a quick marriage tip from these funny ladies:

2. Comedian Jeff Allen has a story I can relate to — ten years in, his marriage was at the end, but they brought it back from the brink through the grace of God. Now he shares his testimony and sense of humor with others.

3. Here’s a couple I didn’t know about, but discovered while touring the Internet for funnies — Modern Marriage Moments with Brandon and Stephanie. Enjoy the Marriage Pick-Up Lines (but don’t use them)!

And the winner of last week’s giveaway is Tana, who shared my Avoiding Sex Because the Kids Can Hear post last week on Facebook. I’ll contact her about receiving a free ebook of Sex Savvy: A Lovemaking Guide for Christian Wives.

Based on your feedback, I am considering a switch from posting twice a week to three times a week, with one of those posts being an answer to a specific reader question. I don’t know how this would affect my work and personal schedule, so I’d appreciate your prayers as I thoughtfully consider adding another day to my blogging schedule.