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Bonjour from France!

Just a shout-out to all of you following and reading the Hot, Holy & Humorous blog! I miss y’all and posting here. But I’m actually on a vacation/business trip. And while I’ve tried to write posts and get them up, the internet in the French countryside is spotty at best. There are short windows of time when the connection is working, but I simply can’t get a whole post — with the research, links, pictures, etc. — done with this service.

I will say that if you can manage to travel, whether it’s all the way to a French Chateau or just up the road to a state park, studies show that it’s for good for couples to experience new activities together. You get the same brain buzz that you had when you were first falling in love. I definitely plan to bring Spock with me next time I travel to Europe (miss you, hubby!).

Why not stoke your marital romance? And if you need more ideas, I encourage you to check out The Romantic Vineyard blog.

Where I’m at now:

Picture of French countryside chateau
Chateau Les Carasses, Languedoc, France

Thinking of and praying for you!

4 thoughts on “Bonjour from France!”

  1. We loved our trip to France. We stayed in a farm house in Provence in the Spring. The poppies were in full bloom in the vineyards and this is the photo we used for our blog’s banner. Have a wonderful time, J! You must bring Spock next time. It’s a shame to waste all the romantic potential. And thanks for the shout out! Grateful for you!

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