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Cultivating Romance and Awesome Sex in Marriage

I’m back from France! It was a lovely trip, although I missed my husband terribly (twelve days away from each other) and I returned with a nasty cold. Looking at my draft posts for what to put up today, I realized I’d never properly shared a couple of interviews I got to do with the Awesome Marriage podcast.

Dr. Kim Kimberling, host of Awesome Marriage, is a professional Christian counselor with oodles of experience helping relationships thrive, not to mention his own happy 40-year marriage! He interviewed me for one podcast, and his producer, Christina Dodson, interviewed me for a second podcast — a bit of girl talk, so we could go a little deeper into the subject.

I really enjoyed both of these conversations, and the content is well-worth your time.

I encourage you to tune into one or both of these podcasts. Just click on the image below to go to their web page where you can listen. Or find the episode on iTunes or other podcast providers.


And remember that the best place to go for what I have to say about sex in marriage by God’s design is my book, Hot, Holy & Humorous. Check it out here!

2 thoughts on “Cultivating Romance and Awesome Sex in Marriage”

  1. Forgot to wish you happy travels and stay in your last post! I know the angsts of being away for long. My husband now travels for work quite a bit but he’s the one traveling and only a few days. Two years ago i traveled back home for 3 weeks and it was the worst feeling and time for both of us..arrg. Being away reminds us how much we don’t ever want to be away! Wishing you quick recovery from the cold!

    1. Thanks so much! Feeling better already. And happily enjoying Spock’s close company.

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