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Asking Readers to Share Their Best Advice

No, I am not running out of topics. Believe me, there is PLENTY left to discuss about marriage and sexual intimacy. There are a myriad of challenges and ways to attend to this particular aspect of the marital relationship. The secular world continues to toss out their wrong ideas about intimacy which need to be addressed. Plus, my readers continue to challenge me with new questions and subjects I have yet to touch on.

However, I wanted to take today and simply thank those readers who have taken the time to share their story, give quality advice, or offer encouragement and prayers to others in the comments section. Quite often, I throw up a post, receive comments, and find some amazing gem (or two or three or more) among the readers’ thoughts. You often do better than I at answering questions — especially if you have been through a similar situation and worked through a challenge.

One more time:

Thank you!

And now, I’m simply going to open up my comments to see what wisdom remains out there. Here’s the question at hand that I want you to answer for me and the readers:

What one piece of advice have you received that has made a positive difference in the sex life of your marriage?

It can be something gleaned from the Bible, from a good friend or family member, from a book or blog, from your doctor or counselor, or any other resource. It can speak to the whole of marriage or some specific technique (but don’t get too graphic so that we’re all wincing and spitting here).

I will be gathering up your advice and sharing it in other ways as well. Blessings and thanks to all of YOU. Because I really do have the BEST readers!