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8 Cool Valentine’s Gifts for Your Hot Hubby

Today, I’m giving some Valentine’s gift ideas to the wives, and tomorrow (yes, tomorrow, instead of Thursday) I’ll address the husbands. So here we go, ladies: If you’re still stumped on what to get him, here are some cool gifts for your hot hubby!

Couple, valentine's gift + blog post title

1. A bouquet of roses. “Wait!” you say, “I thought this was about gifts for men.” Yes, it is. But did you know that there are several variations on the bouquet of roses idea, with your hot hunk in mind? Check these out (and click on the pictures for instructions):

Bacon Roses

Bacon Roses

Rose cake pops

Rose Cake Pops

Bouquet of Socks

Sock Bouquet

2. Bath and body products. Once again, you’re doubting the usefulness of such items for the manly man you married. But guess what? A lot of guys like bath stuff; they just don’t want it to be girly bath stuff. So how about something masculine for the bath? Several stores offer a masculine version. For instance, Bath Junkie has a line of “bath hunkie” items (photos from my local store!).

Bath Hunkie 1Bath Hunkie 2

3. Customized notepads. My husband is forever looking for something to write on — notes for his list of to-do’s, dimensions for something he’s building or buying furniture for, calculations for this-that-and-the-other . . .  If your guy is the same, how about a functional notepad that also serves as a nice reminder of how much you love him? VistaPrint and Staples have several customizable designs.

Notepad sample

Created with VistaPrint

Notepad sample

Created with Staples

4. Prescription for love. I save prescription bottles and use them for special events, to give a “prescription” with candy inside. Like this one:

Prescription Label Example

But you can easily make some for your beloved hubby! Get small bottles at your local craft store or online, buy printable labels, make up your “Pharmacy” information and “prescription,” and fill the bottle with whatever you want. It could be candy, or strips of paper with romantic or sexual activities, or date night ideas to experience together. Here are a few options:


5. Double Shower Head. Some of us married couples really enjoy sharing the shower with our mate! But if you’re like me, you didn’t get to design your perfect shower for two. Still, you can take your existing setup and turn it into a more inviting place to shower together. (And a double shower head comes with the added advantage of giving your guy an opportunity to show off his handyman skills — while making sure the task isn’t so difficult, you have to call a professional handyman later.) Add a little note about how much you’re looking forward to that shower! Actually, I might actually get this one for my hubby.

Double Shower Head

6. Reusable heat packs. Of course your hubby is already hot, but a little heated massage is a lovely thing in the marital bedroom. To be honest, I got this idea from my marvelous massage therapist (all my tension goes to my back), who uses HotShotz heat packs as part of her routine. But you can buy some heat packs (also called hand warmers some places) to massage your beloved and get things heated up. This is a great idea especially when you can’t quite get the right hand pressure to massage your hubby, because the heat itself is very relaxing to tight muscles. And he could turn around and try it on your muscles too!

Heat Packs 2

7. Lingerie shop gift card (and a promise to shop together). A woman was recently telling me how she used to work at a lingerie store, and every year husbands would come in to buy something sexy to give their wives for Valentine’s Day. Then a few days after Valentine’s, wives would show up to return items saying, “I don’t know what he was thinking.”

So if you don’t like what he gets you (or, bless his heart, he doesn’t have a clue what size you wear), how about offering to go together and pick out something you both like? As you shop, he can explain what appeals to him, you can explain why you would or wouldn’t wear something (e.g., “That looks sexy, but the fabric is really scratchy”), and you leave with an item to try out at home. Most men enjoy seeing their wives in lingerie, and shopping together for something you can later model in the privacy of your bedroom can be a wonderful gift for your hubby.

8. Sexy gift certificates. I created intimacy-themed gift certificates based on scriptures from Song of Solomon a couple of years ago. You can find the Valentine’s version here. Print out the ones you want and/or tailor them to your own liking. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Valentine's gift certificate

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And I would be remiss not to mention that I met Sheila Wray Gregoire last night at her Girl Talk event in Houston. She blogged about it today . . . and included a photo of us together: On Texas, Girl Talk, and Lots of Questions!

7 Sexy Valentine’s Gifts You Can Make

Domestic diva, I am not. While entirely feminine, I do not have a penchant for cooking, sewing, decorating, or craft-making. But I can follow directions, and I do sometimes think outside the box. Plus, I do have a penchant for sexy stuff.

So I did some thinking, some looking around the house and stores, and some online searches, and I came up with seven Valentine’s gifts you can make at home — gifts that all convey to your husband, “Take me now!” Whether you’re a domestic diva or DIY-challenged like me, you’ll find something here you can do.

Sexual position suggestions. Consider what you have in your household and your crafting ability, and find a way to suggest a sexual position, or two or three or more, with those materials. You could draw positions with your beautiful artistic ability or simply make stick figures and create your own Sexual Positions booklet for his perusal. Or mold Play-doh into people and unite them accordingly. Or twist pipe cleaners into examples (hey, even I can do that!).

Position 2

Homemade personal lubricant. Plenty of married couples swear by coconut oil, which can be found in most natural products sections in grocery and health stores. But how about something flavored? I found this recipe for “Chocolate Mint Love Butter.” It’s organic, safe, and . . . well, tasty. Mix it up, store it in a special container, and then indulge on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Kiss me cookies. Choose your favorite butter or sugar cookie recipe, and make lip-shaped cookies. Serve them up with a promise to follow each cookie with the real thing from your mouth. Or offer to kiss a different place on his body for each cookie you made. Wilton makes a lip-shaped cookie cutter, which you can probably find online or in local stores.

Lips cookie cutter

Sexy sheets game. Turn some sheets into an intimacy board game. You can find an old set of sheets or purchase some for this purpose. Then draw your game board on the fabric and surprise your husband with a sexy game for Valentine’s Day. With a game like this, you both win. Check out the Dating Divas’ full instructions on creating The Game of Love for your bed.

Sheet game board - sample squares
Courtesy of The Dating Divas

Sexy Selfies. A “selfie” is simply a photo you take of yourself. You can turn that phone around on yourself dressed in something suggestive and click away for some sexy selfies to present to your husband later. Now I strongly suggest caution when putting anything on your phone, computer, or even print. If you take revealing pictures of yourself, take steps to ensure they remain private. Or simply take a photo that is suggestive, but wouldn’t be utterly horrifying if your parent or kid found it someday (for example, a photo of yourself in his shirt and your hand suggestively unbuttoning). Whatever you decide, you can take a few photos that say, “I want you, lover!” and present them with a flourish to your husband. He’ll probably follow-up with his own message of hands-on intimacy.

Body Paint. Using ingredients already in your house, you can make body paint to apply on your own body or to apply on each other. There are several recipes online, but here’s one for edible body paint. Yes, the blogger wrote it up for children (and that’s a fabulous idea!), but we adults can use it too. (Hey, that’s how some of us got children — by being playful in bed. ;))

Gift Certificates. With sexy certificates or love coupons, you can kickoff the love fest on Valentine’s Day but make it last days, weeks, or months beyond. Canva has a bunch of templates you can use; although mostly tailored to businesses, they can easily be adapted to a gift for your spouse.

Have you ever made a Valentine’s gift for your husband? What ideas do you have to add?