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Six Months & Counting

When I started blogging about Christian marriage and sexuality in December 2010, I wondered what on earth I was doing.  I was about to start a website on which I confessed personal secrets like my premarital sexual history and breast augmentation; advised people how to achieve a holier and hotter marriage through a biblical attitude toward your partner and your sexual relationship; and aired the humorous challenges of sharing a life and a bed with your spouse.

Was I crazy or what?!!

Of course, the anonymity thing gets me past worrying too much about someone posting on my kid’s Facebook page, “OMG! Is this your mother’s website?” with a link and an “LOL” at the end.  But blogging is my response to God’s tugging.  (Boy, is He persistent sometimes!)

You see, I have the uncanny ability to get into conversations with people about sexuality from a biblical, and even hilarious, perspective (given the person, the situation, and my mood).  I knew that the personal struggles I faced in going from premarital slut to God-honoring wife positioned me to have something to say on the subject.  And I’m fascinated by sexuality — all aspects of it.  Plus, there was this tugging thing from God (“Do something for others with what you’ve learned!”). 

You see, God didn’t have to make sexuality the way He did.  Commitment, affection, and orgasmic pleasure are not necessary to His command to “Go forth and multiply.”  Take a look around society, and you quickly figure out that humans can reproduce without relationship.

But He had better things in mind.  He loves His children (that’s us, people!) and wants the best for them.  Think of it this way:  I’m only required to feed my children a reasonably nutritious meal — say, a piece of boiled chicken, spinach leaves, and an unseasoned corn cob.  But when I take my kid to Chick-fil-A, I delight in watching him devour delicious chicken nuggets and waffle fries with a big grin on his face almost as much as he enjoys eating them.  I LIKE giving my kids yummy stuff.

God’s plan for sexuality is just that:  The Father lavishing us with His favor!  There are requirements on our part for full enjoyment, but when we follow God’s plan, it’s better than anything we’ve concocted on our own.

When I began the Hot, Holy & Humorous blog, I wondered if I would run out of ideas.  Now if I blog ONCE a week, that’s 52 topics per year. Do I have that much to say?  Apparently, I do!  In fact, topics pop into my mind ALL THE TIME.  And I have a few close girlfriends willing to supply me with suggestions as well (thanks, ladies — you know who you are!).

I have several blog posts in my queue, just waiting for their time to be published.  Now either I’m ridiculously verbose about topics that interest only me, or God’s tugging again.  (Okay, okay, I get it, Dad.)  So with a healthy dose of trepidation, I am stepping out in faith, or foolishness, and upping my frequency to TWICE a week!

Egads!  (I’ve always wanted to say “egads.”)

So look for new posts on my website on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS!  Remember that my approach is writing for my readers like you are my closest girlfriend in a confidential setting.  But we don’t all have girlfriends as frank as I am.  So hopefully, I’m filling a gap or reinforcing conversations you’re already having.  (You guys are welcome, too.)

I am convinced that your marriage can be hot and holy as God intended.  He eagerly desires that for you and your spouse.

And let’s face it:  This marital dance can be humorous.  Trying to get your physical tango right can feel like Kristi Yamaguchi taking Dancing with the Stars by storm or like Tom DeLay just trying to figure out the rhythm long enough to finish the cha-cha.

I am convinced, however, that we can all move across the dance floor with poise, grace, and passion with the right attitude, instruction, and lots of practice.  We have the best teacher with our Lord through His Word, and Christian mentors are all around.  Tap in to those resources, grab your partner, and give it a go!

And check in with me twice a week to see how my tango is going.  Then again, I’m feeling a little more like a fox trot right now.  Now where are my dancing shoes?

4 thoughts on “Six Months & Counting”

  1. I’m glad you are going to post more than once per week. 🙂 Love the blog and the humor.

    Your blogging story also inspires me because I just started my own blog (around being a mom of 7, working full time for the first time in 16 years, being a wife, and ministering in the church). There is NO WAY I would have chosen to start it now except the insistent tug of the Holy Spirit and the direction to WRITE NOW. It’s scary, especially since my writing skills are so rusty. But God is good and I hope one day to be making a post announcing that I too will be blogging twice per week. 😀

  2. So glad to have your voice added to the growing pro-sex choir! I fully understand your feelings – we went through the same things fourteen years ago when we started (that seem SOOO long ago!).

    Hang in there – it get’s harder, then it gets easier. You are right that He has called you to this, and we thank you so much for answering the call.

  3. That’s GREAT! that we’ll get to hear from you twice as often now!

    We need voices(and hearts) like you to challenge us, inform us, and make us laugh.


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