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Trimming the Hedges

I have never waxed anything.  Probably because I’m a chicken.

Thankfully, my eyebrows have never grown together into a cartoon-villainish unibrow and I don’t have UFH – “unwanted facial hair” (as if any woman wants facial hair).  But the knowledge that sexy celebrities wax not only their faces but private areas always gave me the heebie-jeebies.   I also found it curious that a January 2010 poll on showed that a majority of women get their follicles pulled out from time to time.

As it turns out, in my uncharacteristic naiveté, I had completely missed the fact that several of my friends wax their nether regions as well.  I asked around and was surprised by the results of my own unscientific poll.

What got me started was an article in a magazine my sister had purchased that reported how men view the whole waxing thing.  Do they like it or not?  (I’ve tried finding the magazine to cite it but can’t!)   The results were mixed.  I was horrified at the whole prospect.  When I got home, I mentioned the article to my husband, ranting and raving about how some men actually wanted their chicks to look like prepubescent girls.  The nerve!

Then my husband spoke:  “It might be interesting.”  Gasp!

That mumbled comment of his stuck in my brain and churned around for a while.   I started researching the topic.  Why did women wax?  Was I missing something here?  I went online to chat rooms, perused beauty spa websites, watched videos of the process (really, it’s unbelievable what’s on the Internet), and asked more detailed questions of friends.  I studied the options – bikini vs. Brazilian vs. Hollywood, home waxing or a professional salon process, a plethora of products designed to lessen the inevitable pain of yanking out every last hair root in an area typically adverse to rough treatment.

Now my husband’s birthday was coming up, and I started thinking, “Well, maybe once.”  But every time I drove by the salon or picked up the phone to call, I chickened out.  Cluck, cluck!  I was terrified.  For one thing, there was the sheer pain.  I don’t care what pain-reducing product is out there:  I have seen the video, and that has got to hurt at least as bad as the twisting pinches my mother applied to her children’s upper arms when we were too loud in church.  I do not wish to repeat that sensation.  Then there were the poses you have to strike for the “esthetician” (talk about a euphemism) to reach all the areas of UPH (my abbreviation for “unwanted pubic hair”).  It seemed like a perverted rendition of Madonna’s vogueing craze.  And finally, salons described that the hair grows back differently, sparser and finer.  I had no idea before that I was attached to my triangle of hair, but I wasn’t convinced I wanted to replace my growth with a presumably new and improved version.

Unwilling, however, to abandon my idea entirely, I decided to shave instead.  Maybe to make up for wussing-out of the waxing experience, I decided to be particularly brave.  I would go Hollywood-style.  I purchased an electric razor, bikini area razors (teeny little things with a protective end so you don’t accidentally mutilate your own vagina), special bikini area shaving cream, and follow-up ointment.  I stored these things away until my husband’s birthday.

On my own personal D-day (troops are storming the beach no matter what!), my husband left for work, I dropped my kids off at school, and I pulled out all of my products.  I reviewed my plan, took stock of my supplies, and checked my nerves.  They were wound tight.

Did I mention I was chicken?!  What chicken wants to be plucked?  And what chicken plucks itself!

Hen (chicken) running
By Lilly M (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

I trimmed the area and poured a bath.  I wielded my weapons of torture.  I began shaving.  It took a while, but nothing was irrevocably damaged or even slightly maimed.  Not a drop of blood fell, nor did I squeal a single time.

That night, I tucked myself into bed wearing frilly panties and strategically-placed gift bows.  My husband began unwrapping.  Now I will cease this part of the narrative because telling more would cross my boldface line of marital privacy.  Suffice it to say, he was happily surprised.

The next day, I had a painful rash. Oh well.

It was an interesting experience for us both, and I discovered a little more about why women wax.  Things felt…different.  Not better or worse, but definitely different.

What about other ladies out there?  Do you strip the land bare?  Keep the untamed wilderness? Or trim the hedges? That’s what one of the guys in that magazine article said:  He liked the idea that a woman would go to the trouble of doing a little landscaping for him.

(And if you men want to pipe up about this topic as well, go right ahead!)

“Let my lover come into his garden and taste its choice fruits.”

Song of Solomon 4:15


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  1. I wax every couple of months, and have since long before marriage. I choose wax instead of shaving precisely because it doesn’t leave that nasty little rash, and honestly, the pain is much, much less than you think. I startd waxing because of swimsuit season, but I keep doing it because variety is the spice of (sex) life.

  2. I am opposed to shaving/waxing pubic hair, simply for the reason that it removes the main visual genital difference between a woman and a girl. With the vast rise of pedophilia going on in the world right now, I don’t think it’s wise to blur the lines and encourage men to be physically aroused by what is essentially the site of a young girl’s genital area. I really think that it needs to be clear – “THIS is a woman’s body, THAT is a girl’s body, you may have sex with one and not the other.” I really find it troubling that society is going this way with the current trend in child porn on the rise.

  3. I am chicken about the waxing. I tried it at home once and I couldn’t do more than a couple strips. Maybe my hair is thicker than most?

    I do trim it short and occasionally I will shave (or have dh shave because I can’t see everywhere that well) for kicks. He likes it that way. Yes, the next couple of days as it grows back in are itchy.

    Maybe someday I will have the nerve to go for a professional wax. Maybe…

  4. Diana,
    I have to admit your comment is very close to how I felt pre-trial (and error). But I’m positive that my husband was not mistaking me for a young girl. From his perspective, hair simply gets in the way sometimes, and clearing the area provided more access, so to speak.

    I do agree that we should ask why society is trending this way. And child porn is an incredibly disturbing occurrence. (Satan loves to twist humans’ ideas of sexuality.)

    However, women are not alone in the new smooth body look. Apparently, there is such a thing as “manscaping.” What’s that about?

    1. My husband is an avid ‘manscaper’. Not that he shaves himself bare, but he trims down the hedges in more than just his nether regions. I think it is important to take personal hygiene into consideration when approaching sex, and it is just one more way that he demonstrates that he is trying to present himself in a nice way. The same way that I try to keep my legs shaven and keep myself clean. A personal tip of mine: anybody who has had a baby a received a peri-bottle… they are great for cleaning up before a romp in the sheets! He also enjoys when I shave. Although I have yet to find a way to banish the rash completely, exfoliating and some anti-itch cream go a long way to minimize it. I don’t do this all the time, maybe every other month or so. And you need to make sure your love making ‘sesh’ happens that night, because you most likely won’t be able to enjoy sex the next two nights or so because of the itchiness and scratchiness. I do have to say I enjoy the different feelings and sensations sans-hair. Everything is so smooth! I did wax right before our wedding (hubby and I had slept together before we were married, a mistake we regret very much) so I wanted to do something different. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, and hubby did love it. However, I did get a rash when hair grew back even with waxing. I guess I needed to exfoliate more. Looking forward to the day that somebody creates hair removal that results in no rash/itch!

  5. I’ve had it professionally done – once. It was for my wedding and I have not done it since. DH has not requested that level again in all these years, but I know that he prefers things a little on the neater side. He has spoken of purchasing a special type of razor for that area, but we haven’t done that yet.

    Thanks, J, for this blog. I found you through Sheila’s Love, Honor, and Vacuum; and am now a subscriber. I look forward to more of your posts.

  6. The special razor I used is Noxzema Bikini Shave & Trim – available at my local Wal-Mart. It comes in a disposable 3-pack. There are electric bikini razors also.

    Thanks for the kudos, Heather! Glad you found my blog! I love Sheila’s Love, Honor & Vacuum.

  7. I’ve never bought the child porn/pedophile argument. Removing pubic hair does NOT make a woman look like a girl. The changes at puberty are many and body wide.

    However, if this were a valid point, then logically the removal of armpit and leg hair would also fall under the same rule. So unless someone is against all hair removal on women, I think there is something more going on.

  8. Paul,

    So does this mean I can let my armpit hair go? Whoo-hoo! Oh wait, I see my husband waving a big NO. Just kidding.

    I do appreciate you adding the male perspective. I definitely don’t want to label husbands having sex with shaved or waxed wives as having something wrong with them.

    It does seem that both parties could discuss this topic and decide what works for them.

  9. Interesting post! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blog about this topic. I applaud you-seriously!

    I agree with Paul 100%. I’m a fan of shaving and/or waxing and I would encourage all women to do it unless their husbands prefer pubic hair. Mine doesn’t and if he did it would be a struggle to agree to let it grow. I wonder if some husbands have trouble discussing their preference with their wives based on how they think their wives may feel about it.

  10. Thanks, Anonymous! I promised myself to blog about anything and everything that can impact marital intimacy (at least everything I know something about). Like I said, this is another issue that couples can discuss and decide, and growing, shaving, or waxing hair does affect how things feel.

    Thanks so much for the comment!

  11. I don’t feel like shaving makes me look like a child, and I don’t believe for once second that the lines are “blurred” for my husband. I have always shaved it all off. I started long before I was married and sexually active. For me, I just feel cleaner when the hair isn’t there. It’s simply a preference.

  12. I go to a salon and wax every 6 weeks. I started going for myself (it’s a bonus that my DH loves it too). I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. The pain is not as bad as I thought it would be. Also, if my husband cannot tell the difference between me and a prepubescent girl, I think we have a lot larger problems!

  13. I don’t know if I’ve been as clear as I wish. I have concluded based on my reading, interviews of friends, and my own experience that shaving or waxing private areas is a personal preference. The upward trend of hair removal is like most related to the accessibility of appropriate tools and trained professionals, swimwear styles for women, and the revelation that plenty of celebrities and others do it, thus encouraging ladies to try the experience.

    Some women will choose to shave, some to wax, some to leave it alone. Some men prefer cleared areas; some prefer no trimming.

    My intention in bringing up the subject is to say that whatever you choose affects the sensations you experience during sexual activity with your spouse. I was a bit surprised to find that out.

    Husbands and wives should make a choice that is acceptable to both of them.

    I so appreciate your comments!

  14. Great post! This was the special on Groupon in my inbox this morning – a sign? LOL

    I get waxed occasionally (it’s expensive)…The husband likes it a lot, but like you said, there are definitely some sensational differences in there for us too 😉 Sometimes I shave in between waxes, but the ingrown hairs that come with shaving kind of not want me to do it…The pain isn’t as bad as childbirth, but I don’t know how anyone can do it them self…I would for sure chicken out!

  15. Hubs decided to “manscape” once to see what that would be like. We’ve decided that will be a one-time event as I wasn’t fond of the pricklies that have only _finally_ gone away several months later!

    When I remember, I just use scissors to “mow.” It’s amazing how much just that does. Occasionally I’ll shave the edges just so they won’t show outside a bathing suit. I’m sure hubs would prefer I “mow’ more often than I do….but that’s just one more thing to do. I’ll get there for him one of these days (three kids under 5, one of which is 2.5 months old…we’re a little tired right now!)!

  16. We love shaved! I’m too chicken to try waxing…scary! I got a couple of tips from a friend, they said to shave with hair conditioner. It works so well, especially for legs! I never have razor burn. The other tip was, after you shave, dab some deodorant there and it helps a TON with the rash/pricklies!

    Great blog, thanks!

    1. Thanks for those tips! i love to be clean shaved (as does the hubs) but hate the aftermath, so it keeps me from being consistently shaven. I will try these.

  17. I’ve shaved completely for years before marrying my husband. A few months ago I decided that I was tired of it & began to just keep it trimmed. I haven’t found a difference in “sensation” between the two.

  18. Definitely shaved. So much cleaner. My hubby likes a landing strip…so ask your hubbies how they want it shaved: bald, strip, heart…play around with it. I too am chicken and too cheap to pay for waxing. Why pay for pain?!? I only shave (legs included) with conditioner. Yep, the kind you use on your hair. Pantene works well. Just like your hair, let it sit for a minute before shaving. Reapply if needed. It works great.

    And yes, I agree that your hubby may have other issues if the line is blurred between woman and girl.

  19. I started shaving just recently, think I started on my husband’s birthday too. He had been talking about it and i thought this was something I could do as a gift for him.

    Have continued… not sure what I think yet but Shave Secret is an amazing oil that prevents ingrowns, rash etc.

    Definitely wont ever wax down there ever again. Just did bikini line for wedding and was black and blue – ouch
    what a fun blog thanks, heard re Generous Wife daily email.

  20. So funny this post. I toyed with the idea of fully waxing/shaving for years. Previously, MIL had made a comment 15 years ago, same as the comment above about it “looking like a little girl” it was always in the “ewww box”. But then, girlfriends would talk about shaving it all off and I would just say “really?” They would smile and talk about the cleaner, enjoyment of it all…
    Last year, I got the nerve, and never went back. The hubs was H A P P Y! That made me H A P P Y! Can I just say, hair was there for holding in the pheromones. Well, he’s my mate for life, I don’t have to attract him that way anymore! lol….When I told him directly what his own mother’s comment was years ago to me, {after the gasp} he said, “I have NO problem thinking of you as a full grown woman,hairless”. whew.

  21. I just found your blog and I am enjoying it. Thanks. I wax at a salon, and while a bit painful, and expensive, my husband and I enjoy the sensation, so it is worth it. The pain really isn’t that bad and only lasts for a few seconds.

  22. I found a compromise that appeases both my husband and I. I don’t like the idea of looking like a young girl but my wonderful husband thinks the hair gets in the way. I hate the itchy rash, he hates the long hair. I purchased a mans electric razor that has a beard trimmer. This allows me to cut the hair to about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. This prevents the rash since I’m not irritating the skin, gives me enough coverage to still feel my age, and keeps my husband happy. It only takes about 5 minutes every other week or so. You will also find it makes keeping everything neat and clean much easier.

  23. I’m a shaver. Hubby loves it when its all clean and neat down yonder. I use aloe vera after shaving and that helps some with the razor burn. I feel a lot more sexy when I don’t have a bush growing. For sure personal preference though…

  24. I love how so many of these comments indicate that a husband and wife talked about this topic together and made a decision both were happy with!

  25. I use neet. No bumps and hubby likes imtv. He walked in durinv application and said wow that’s how you do it. he tjought I shaved. One hair bump was enough to explore other options. Nair works dor me, with vaseline over.sensitive areas.

  26. Just found the blog, I’m excited to read more. Yes, I shave the nether regions ocassionally. But, I have a special electrical razor. Its about the size of a pen, and doesn’t do a to-the-skin shave — great when I was a lifeguard and needed to make sure no hair peeked out of my suit, but a rash would be even worse. (is this TMI?)This little razor also won’t hurt the skin, got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond, I think.

  27. My husband and I have had this discussion over the years (we’ve been married for 6). He’s not a huge fan of the bare look, but he does like it trim. I, too, like to keep it trim because its cleaner and less annoying. I think I have more of a problem with it being bare than he does! The itching when it grows back is so annoying!

    On the flip side, he’s done some manscaping, and has even gone bare at one point. Personally, I don’t like the bare. I really couldn’t tell you why. I just didn’t care for it. I like the trimming, as long as its not too short. The prickles feel weird to me 🙂

  28. I waxed the day before a special anniversary trip and hid it from my husband until we were there. It was so fun, and definitely appreciated big time! It’s such a quick process, really, so even if it hurts a little, it’s over soon!

  29. Well I must say my husband has always wanted me to try shaving so I kinda decided one day to try it! He loved it and I must say I felt very sexy so I continued that for a couple of months then got tired of all the stubble issue and decided to do laser hair removal! Its been over a year later and I must say I absolutely would recommend it to anyone who wants it permanently removed worth every penny!!!!

  30. We both decided to shave as a special thing on our anniversary a couple years ago, and we’ve never gone back…

    And, I’m so glad to find your blog! Thanks for writing!

  31. I hate it. I love the feeling of being waxed and the pain doesn’t bother me much, but growing back is such a pain and itchy and ingrown hairs and no amount of exfoliation seems to help. I also hate the fact that mens preference for such a look generally stems from pornography. You rarely see hair in porn these days and I believe that is just one of the many ways it has ruined sex. :/

    1. I disagree that we men prefer hairless because of pornography. We prefer it for a very simple reason: we are visual creatures. We want to SEE. People who make porn are trying to give men what they want and they know, above all, that men want to see. So the women in porn shave because that’s what sells porn. Couldn’t be simpler.

    2. Not being a guy, I can’t really argue with your statement that men want to see (and I guess hair gets in the way). However, I think some men are more aware of that option because of the prevalence of porn. And porn makers haven’t always provided women with plucked privates. Still, I don’t think men who prefer hairless are necessarily porn watchers; plenty aren’t.

      Frankly, I blame swimsuit makers as well. A lot of women I know have opted for shaving and waxing because of swimsuit styles.

  32. Husband here!

    First, I really dislike the feeling of being hairless down there, personally. And about 2 days after shaving when the hair regrows… yeowch.

    Second, I love when my wife shaves, but it’s very rare that she does so. She says it’s uncomfortable when it gets stubbly… and I know that feeling. 🙁

    The main reason that I find it such a big turn-on is the benefit during oral… I think the perks are rather obvious in that regard!

    As far as the whole ‘prepubescent’ thing – I would never consider the lack of body hair to be a representative feature of young girls. My wife certainly isn’t 3-foot-6-inches tall and weighing 40 pounds, so I’m certainly not gonna mistake her for a child…

    Actually the fact that the whole comparison to prepubescence was even brought up in the first place, I find a little disturbing. 🙁

    Wow, I wrote a novelette! Anyway, I hope my male perspective is beneficial here!

    Now if I can just convince wifey to go get a wax… 😀

  33. Wow what a topic…. Husband here…. I shave my balls and shaft all the time… I have in the past shaved all the pubic hair off in the past ( love the feeling)…..I have let the patch above my plumbing go for now and I am keeping that trimed for now….it is fun to play around with different ways to keep it groomed. The wife on the other hand has had a full bush for the first 17 years of our marriage and I have talked with her about shaving and being rimmed down there…Well one night last year she gave me a surprise and shave most of it off but left a nice v shaped patch above her lips…I really like it this way because it makes it so much easier to play with those lips when we are in the car alone and driving down the road..she lets me play with her down there….that is fun

  34. Hmmm… I think it’s ironic that many men want their wife to wax/shave completely, yet would never/rarely do so themselves because of the pain/annoying stubble. Seriously, guys: we women go through SO much already to look good for you– and we’re lucky if we can get you to even trim your toenails once in a while.

    1. Oh my goodness, for real. I was thinking the same thing. I find it annoying. :/ Especially because, as someone else mentioned, the preference probably stems in part from pornography…

  35. To me, there must be a purpose and comfort level in what a person does around their pubic area. I started trimming around mine just this year. I doubt my wife will ever wax, shave or trim.

    If a couple includes oral sex in their bedroom, the receiving person needs to at least trim around their genitals, including the breasts. The closer the trim, shave or wax, the better. It helps decrease the smell and hair getting in the way. Intimate touching down there is a more tender and warm experience if done correctly too.

  36. I started shaving long before I met my husband, and while I admit that it was because of comments that my 16-year-old self was hearing from the guy I had a crush on, I decided to keep doing it for myself. I don’t feel clean at all whenever I don’t shave. Being pregnant right now has been so difficult for me because we don’t really have the money for me to go get a wax, but I hate it to be unclean so.. I do what I can! I tend to be with Paul on if THAT is going too far, then how come is shaving legs and armpits not? I personally don’t think any of it is “too far.” I did ask my husband what he thought one time because I had gotten tired of keeping it up and he said that he likes it better shaved as far as appearance goes, but he doesn’t care either way when it comes to feeling.. but in the end I decided that if we both like it better hairless, then I should do my best to keep it up =)

  37. Before my husband and I were together, I went routinely to get a Brazilian wax. (OUCH! Although I loved the results). After getting married, my hubby admitted that he didn’t want any other person seeing my goodies. So he offered to shave me and be my “Landscaper” as he named himself recently. So every other week, I am in his “office (which is our bedroom) for my haircut. The upsides of him doing this to me: 1) Saves money!! Those Brazilian waxes are expensive! 2) Since he knows how he wants it to look, he can make it happen. 3) We both get aroused so it’s a form of foreplay… 🙂 🙂 Win! Win! Win! I will definitely be checking out the vajazzling site… that may be a nice Valentine’s day treat! 🙂

  38. Sadly at this point, my hubby doesn’t care if it is shaved or not. We have no sitters and we are tired at night, so we have about 15 mins (if that)between commercial breaks while my son is watching his favorite cartoon…

    Though in the past hubby was fairly fond of the “landing strip”, though I prefer a larger triangle, the skinny strip always made me feel fat even when I was wearing a size 4. After the birth of my son, I am considerably larger so I would be very uncomfortable with anything other than a “clean up” in that area.

  39. As a husband hair above the clit area is fine just nothing on the sides. Yes I manscape I have for years. I hate hair. I have been shaving my arm pits since I was 18 and I am 37 now. Less hair traps less oder.

  40. I just had to comment on this because my experience has been so different from many of the other commenters.

    I have very, very thick hair and have struggled with ingrown hairs everywhere I shaved, so whenever I tried to shave my bikini line, I would get a rash, extreme itchiness when the new, coarse hairs grew in, and permanent ingrown hairs. I assumed everyone had that problem, but after reading the comments, it sounds like a lot of people have escaped the uncomfortable side effects.

    Then, I tried Brazilian waxing because I wanted the area to feel clean without having to deal with shaving, and it was much better. But it was expensive (about $60/session after tip for the less-expensive places in my city), and it hurt so much. So much! Again, a lot of people have had other experiences, but I think my coarse hair has something to do with it.

    Then, after I met my husband and got married, my husband liked the way I’d been having the area waxed, but he sympathized with me about the pain. (He says it makes oral sex better to have everything hairless, and I feel more confident without any hair.) So, we mutually decided the best option for me was to get lasered. It cost about 1100 for 8 sessions, but that is about the price of 20 waxes. Since I was getting waxed every 4-6 weeks, it was a better deal financially, and it’s permanent, so that’s really nice! Also, it hurts about as bad as waxing, but I can handle the pain knowing the hair will be gone forever. Anyway, if anyone is struggling like me with other options, lasering is totally worth the money, and I only wish I’d decided to get lasered sooner!

  41. I haven’t tried waxing, I’d be too embarassed to have someone else do it and I know my pain tolerance isn’t high enough to do it to myself. I do use an electric razor to trim everything, and often but not always shave more. Hubby doesn’t have much of a preference, but I prefer the way oral feels when I’m shaved.

  42. Yeah, I’m chicken and cheap, so no waxing here. I have a thicker jungle than most. But, I thin the thicket regularly as I like the feel in and out of clothes. Hubby greatly prefers the thinning. I shave away the sides and top leaving a nice triangle. Then, even though I have cut things down to a minimum, I actually thin what is left by lightly running the razor over the hedge. I’ve struggled with ingrown hairs. Aside from shaving with hair conditioner (which is effective), there is also a product you can apply after shaving to help. I can’t remember the exact name, bump away or bump be gone. It’s at Wal-Mart in the men’s shaving area. I think it’s marketed as an African American Male product. I highly recommend it.

  43. I ♥ WAX! I’ve been getting regular bikini waxes for over 10 years. I research an aesthician who got good reviews on bikini waxes, not just waxing. She talked me through the awkward positions and easing the pain for the first few times then the hair started coming in finer and it didn’t hurt as much and I didn’t have to go as often. I use a trimmer for the hair behind my panties to look maintained and clean, but not bare. I started this for my own hygiene before I met my husband, so we never even discussed it. 🙂

  44. I’ve been waxing forever. I started out going to get waxed just for my eyebrows, and my lip hair (so gross and annoying!) I eventually decided to try getting waxed “down there.” It didn’t hurt me at all. Getting my lips waxed hurt more than anything else! I now do my own eyebrows and lips, but go in for my legs and area down there. My husband loves it, and I do too. I’m not as freaked out as “what will he think about all that hair down there?” We both love it, and I won’t ever stop. It grows back much finer and slower, so it beats shaving. I’ve actually saved money since I don’t have to buy so many new razors or razor attachments, or even shaving cream! It’s been great for us, but I definitely started for myself way before I was married. It doesn’t hurt at all for me. My shins hurt more than the area down there. I started out with just the bikini line and slowly worked my way inward (getting more taken off each time.)
    I do recommend it to my friends who ask me about it. I also recommended it to my sisters before they got married, and they haven’t gone back either. Makes me feel so much better about wearing a swimsuit too.

  45. I have waxed and I love it as does my husband. But like most have already said waxing is painful and not cheap. I recently discovered Veet. I didn’t read all the comments, so not sure if anyone mentioned it or not. I love it. I thought for sure I was going to fry myself, but it doesn’t even leave a rash or anything. I would never, ever shave. That’s just miserable. I guess I should say I would never shave bare, but I would shave to clean up. I like it personally because it feels cleaner and my husband loves it. LOVES IT!!!!

  46. My wife (of 36 years) and I decided to try it about 2 years ago. We both love it, we shave each other about once a month. Have found “Coochy” Shaving cream by Pure Romance (google it) to be the best, and no razor bumps!!!! We shave as a time of forplay which leads to an aweome encounter. Thanks for the discussion.

  47. I’m of the opinion that the hair down there is there for a REASON….I dispise the feeling of no hair down there, and find that I’m much “leakier” when there’s no hair to help keep the juices in….ok. enough.

  48. I have been researching this topic. On my wedding night it was one of the first things my husband asked for. He wanted me to shave it all off! He even volunteered to do it. Being a naive innocent virgin that idea freaked me out but reading on here it sounds like I might need to let him. I suffer with the bumps and rash after shaving but I can’t even fathom someone waxing down there… Eek!! I have been searching the internet for ways to shave that will prevent those nasty ingrown hairs. I ordered a product just this week that had some good reviews. I will have to let you know how it works. It is called Flawless by Whish. I bought the whole shaving kit for $50 that includes the no ingrown hair product. I also have read that non perfumed dove deodorant, aloe Vera, witch hazel, or preparation H work as well!! I made a comment to my hubby that if God didn’t want us to have hair there he wouldn’t have made it so. His response so stop shaving your legs and armpit hair!! Touché!!

  49. I haven’t read all the comments, so I don’t know if anybody else mentioned it, but if you apply coconut oil right after shaving, and every morning after you shower while shaved, then you don’t get a rash or bumps. And a plus is it keeps your skin there nice and soft. I shave every few months or so (when I feel like going through the long ordeal of doing so) and my husband loves it. He also shaves occasionally if I ask him, and that’s also something fun for me. 🙂

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