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The Importance of Testimony (on my blog anniversary)

Anniversary present

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While staring at the December calendar with the usual anxiety that faces me in the holiday crunch, I realized that December 5 marks a full year of blogging! Good grief, how did that happen?

In this past year, I have tackled various topics related to sexuality and marriage from a biblical and, let’s face it, blunt point of view. But I started this blog with my Personal Testimony. And I’ve decided to mark my anniversary this way as well – highlighting the importance of our personal stories of difficulty, faith, healing, and victory.

As young children, we come into this world expecting everyone to cater to our needs, desires, and whims. Oftentimes, they do just that. However, it doesn’t take too long before most of us realize that life isn’t a fairy tale – or maybe that it is (in the original Red Riding Hood, the wolf swallows the girl).

Life is hard. This world is broken by sin and selfishness. We are challenged by natural disasters, physical setbacks, relational heartbreak, and the consequences of our own poor choices. Whether our wounds are delivered by others or self-inflicted, they hurt. Many of them hurt deeply.

We can lose sight of God…if we ever had Him in our view. We can feel that things are hopeless. We can wonder how it will ever get better.

Those of us who remain committed, who call on God’s help, and who time and time again get back up and get back on track find that we emerge stronger than ever. Our faith and will have been tested, and with God’s grace we have come out the other side.

My own testimony begins with a lost teenage girl looking for love in all the wrong places. Some people would have called me promiscuous, but the term I used in my own moments of stark honesty was “slut.” By throwing intense physical closeness into the mix so early in my relationships, I made sure they all exploded within a few months. My heart broke over and over again, and my body was used for someone else’s pleasure more times than I could count.

Finally, I stood at a fork in the road and had to make a decision. Go my own way, or get up again and recommit to getting this love thing right. By the grace of God, I can say that those days are a faint memory. My long marriage to my husband is a great one. I only have eyes for him. I am forgiven. I am whole. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

Moreover, I have a personal testimony as to how God pulled me off the road to self-destruction and bound up my broken heart.

A huge part of continuing to live out Christianity is having a personal story of how God has worked in your life. By now, I have several stories of God’s work in me. After all, it isn’t a one-time thing. Both faith in God and marriage require a daily commitment to doing the right thing and allowing God to mold you over time.

Through this blog, I now have a really cool testimony of how God has taken my broken places in the realm of sexuality and turned them into a ministry of encouragement and help for married couples.

I know people out there have their own stories of how God has worked in their lives. In fact, one of my favorite parts of blogging is hearing from readers. So many of you have amazing wisdom and our own personal testimony.

So here’s the anniversary present I ask from readers: Briefly recount something God has done in your life, your marriage, your faith walk. Share your personal testimony with someone here. They might learn a lot from the rocky road you’ve been on and the victorious path you are now walking. I can’t wait to read the comments!