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13 Days, Lots of Great Marriage Advice

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I am a member of the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association (CMBA). This group has been incredibly supportive and helpful as I have navigated the world of marriage blogging. A few days ago, CMBA launched its first blogging challenge with a half-marathon, encouraging marriage bloggers to post 13 days in a row.

I hemmed and hawed on whether I would participate, but looming deadlines and priorities in the other areas of my life caused me to pass this time around. But I do want to point my readers to some fabulous posts from CMBA members on the subject I write about — marriage and sexuality. There are lots of blogs covering marriage advice from other angles, but since marital intimacy is my specialty here at Hot, Holy & Humorous, I’m keeping my recommended reads list to that topic.

Becoming His Eve: I’ll Be Waiting for You Baby, [The Conclusion of 10 Secrets from a Wife Who Waited . . . and Who Loves Married Sex] Day 1. Hannah finishes her series with the number one reason why sex should wait until the wedding night.

Do Not Disturb: Unlocking . . . Your Bedroom Door. Identifying and dealing with your sexual inhibitions from Justin and Megan.

Engaged Marriage: Why We Love Natural Family Planning in Our Marriage. For those couples who don’t want to use artificial birth control methods, Mike and Mandy Young guest post about how they made their decision to use natural family planning (NFP).

Intentionally Yours: But Our Marriage Was a Sin to Begin With. Kim Sorgius addresses couples who didn’t wait for the wedding night. What does that mean for the marriage?

Intimacy for Marriage: The Plan B Bill and Other Lies We Tell Teens. Julie discusses what we should be teaching our teens about sexuality.

Journey to Surrender: Intimacy Challenge – Day 3. Scott gives practical tips to wives for showing their husbands respect and to husbands for showing their wives love.

One Flesh Marriage: I Don’t Find My Wife Attractive Anymore and Why Mess with a Masterpiece? Brad and Kate respectively address the question, “What do I do if I don’t feel my spouse is attractive anymore?”

Sex Within Marriage: Why Do You Think Men Think about Sex More than Women? Jay Dee gives a husband’s perspective and great insight for wives.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum: 7 Ways Hollywood Messes Up Our Sex Lives. Sheila Gregoire pinpoints 7 myths from Hollywood about sexuality that we need to stop buying!

I hope you find something here to bless your marriage today! See you back on Monday.

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