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Half-Marathon Finish Line: More Fabulous CMBA Posts

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Last Thursday, I explained that the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association — of which I am a member — was hosting a half-marathon with 13 consecutive days of posts from marriage bloggers. While I did not participate this go-round, I have been reading some fabulous posts from fellow CMBA members. Once again, I want to share with you some of what I found regarding marital sexuality. This is a LOT of reading, so take a look through and click on what interests you.

The Alabaster Jar: The Enticing Wife. Jolene Engle takes a fresh look at the wife in Song of Solomon.

The Generous Husband: 6 Best Sex Positions. Paul Byerly reveals the top six sex positions according to a survey of more than 250 women.

Intimacy in Marriage: Are You Headed for a Sexual Train Wreck? Julie Sibert implores you to look down the track and see what’s coming.

5 Ways to Be a Better Lover. Julie gives specific tips on what to do to become better in bed with your spouse.

Should Married Christians Be Better Advocates for Sex? Julie asks what would happen for marriages if more than just us marriage bloggers spoke up in favor of godly sexuality.

Journey to Surrender: Intimacy Challenge – Day 8. Scott Means gives wives and husbands tips for talking to each other about sex because, hey, it’s a topic that makes us feel vulnerable.

Intimacy Challenge – Day 9: Sex on the Brain. Scott explains how we crave both security and excitement in the marital bedroom.

Marriage Fire Ministries: Wives Body Image Issues: A Husband’s View. Steve Fryar looks at why we wives struggle with body image and what husbands can do about it.

Mission: Husband: Sexual Satisfaction Survey Results, Part 1. Gerad Harris reports from his survey with over 800 respondents and shares the wives’ answers to “If you could get across one thing to your husband about sex, and know that you could say it in a way that he would totally understand it, what would it be?”

Mission: Wife: Sexual Satisfaction Survey: The Results Are In! In her companion blog, Valerie Harris reports the husbands’ answers to ““If you could get across one thing to your wife about sex, and know that you could say it in a way he would totally understand it, what would it be?”

One Flesh Marriage: Dolt to Don Juan in 4 Steps and Sex: Your Parents’ Style. Brad and Kate Aldrich answer a top reader question: “How do I shake off what I was taught about sex and intimacy by my family and church?”

Redeeming Marriages: Sex Is Good, God Created It. Jack and Janet share the main principles that God laid out for married sex.

Sex Within Marriage: Do Men Want Their Women to Take the Lead More When It Comes to Sex? Jay Dee addresses whether husbands really desire sexually aggressive wives.

Does It Hurt A Man’s Feelings When We Give Instructions to Him in the Bedroom on What We Like and Dislike as a Women In Bed? Jay Dee explains why the answer is “It depends.”

Do You Believe Couples Go through Sexual Seasons in Their Relationship? Jay Dee tells about the sexual seasons of his marriage.

Why Do Married Men Masturbate? Jay Dee talks about husbands masturbating alone and whether this is advisable.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum: Encouraging Email from an Older Reader. Better sex in your 70s? You betcha! Read this encouraging note to Sheila Gregoire.

Honeymoon Blues to “O”ver the Rainbow. Guest Rajdeep Paulus tells her story of going from ho-hum honeymoon to the height of delight in her marriage. Great perspective for women struggling with orgasm.

I hope you find something here to bless your marriage. The blogging challenge is still going for a couple more days, so I’ll share a few more posts next Thursday along with a regular blog article from me.

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