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11 Reasons I Love My Sexy Husband

Today’s post is inspired by the Happy Wives Club, a site dedicated to “those like us who enjoy being a wife, absolutely adore their husband and are still head-over-heels in love.” Happy Wives Club is hosting a link-up today, encouraging women to blog about reasons they love their husbands.

Since I write about married sexuality, I wondered how I should approach this. I could say, “Well, there’s this thing my hubby does with his hands that . . .” Yeah, not so much. Not sharing that one. (Even if, at that very moment, I love, adore, and revel in my husband. I mean, wow.)

J's and her husband's feet
Yes, that’s really us.

I racked my brain a bit longer, but here are 11 Reasons I Love My Sexy Husband:

  1. He’s never cheated, and I trust that he won’t. Admittedly, the guy gets lots of sex from me — which provides some temptation protection. However, he has an incredibly ethical core and long before me committed to being monogamous.
  2. He’s always been satisfied with my breasts (Proverbs 5:19). I’ve mentioned on this blog that I had augmentation a few years back, and he has approached my breasts with delight before and after.
  3. He thinks porn is stupid. That’s the upshot of it. His basic take is “Why look at something you can’t touch?” And he can touch me.
  4. He is adventurous in the bedroom, without being kinky. I agonized over how to say that. My husband is open to trying new things, but he has never suggested or pressured me to participate in any fringe sexual activities. For me, that strikes a good balance of feeling both free and secure.
  5. He seeks my pleasure. My husband is genuinely interested in making sure that I experience deep pleasure and orgasms. He is turned on by turning me on . . . which turns me on . . . which turns him on . . . You get the point.
  6. He never reminds me of my tainted sexual past. His attitude is that was then, this is now. He doesn’t get jealous over past lovers or make me feel like damaged goods in any way because of my premarital history. Like God, he wiped the slate clean.
  7. He is committed to teaching our kids about godly sex. He has sat with me in conversation with our kids explaining the birds and bees . . . and how humans do it. He’s much better than I at the anatomy questions too.
  8. When I asked him to get rid of the “whitey-tighties,” he did. Yes, wives have opinions about their spouses’ undies too. I couldn’t get him to wear the Superman Underoos (which he would totally rock), but he did let me have some say in his undergarments.
  9. He jokes with me. As you might surmise by the blog’s title, being able to laugh is important to me. My hubby and I flirt with word play and crack each other up all the time — even in bed. Knowing that we can laugh off whatever awkwardness might happen frees me up to be physically and emotionally naked with him.
  10. He flirts with me in front of our children. He’s maybe gone a little far now and then, to the point that even this marriage and sex blogger blushes and looks away. But our kids know that their parents love one another and express intimacy in a committed marriage. They see it in how we touch, kiss, and flirt.
  11. He supports my blog. He encourages me to continue writing here and offers his feedback on posts from time to time. He has given me carte blanche to share from our intimate life anything that might help other couples (knowing, of course, that I have boundaries for how detailed I get).

Now that I read all of that, my husband’s is looking really good. I might have to ask him to do that things with his hands . . .

However, if you’ve read my story, you know that I wasn’t always a happy wife. At different points in my marriage, I’ve been a:

  • This-isn’t-what-I-signed-up-for wife
  • My-hubby’s-a-selfish-jerk wife
  • Crying-all-the-time wife
  • We-ain’t-gonna-make-it wife

We made it. We hung in there. We worked things out. Having God in our corner and good sexual intimacy helped us pull through. Our marriage continues to grow.

So even if you’re not a happy wife right now, I’d encourage you to look for the good in your husband, pray for wisdom and patience, and seek out happy wives who demonstrate that marriage can be a genuine blessing.

The 11 items above are my husband’s strengths. Your husband’s strengths are likely different. Perhaps your husband doesn’t think porn is stupid and has struggled with that temptation. Or maybe he doesn’t help you address questions about sex with the kids. Yet your husband may be very romantic (mine isn’t) or loves buying you pretty lingerie (mine doesn’t). My hubby looks wonderful to me, but please don’t read this list and decry that your husband has an issue where mine doesn’t. Consider your own marriage and how your husband blesses you. Make your own list.

In the comments, share something you love about your sexy husband. What about your husband gets your motor running?

Thanks, Fawn of Happy Wives Club, for a great topic!

19 thoughts on “11 Reasons I Love My Sexy Husband”

  1. Love your list!

    Listing only one of many reasons:

    I love my sexy husband because he never approaches me in the same way twice. Though he knows what I like and knows “what works” he is genius enough to take each sexual encounter as a new time together. Rather than looking at his “play book” he studies me. Makes a huge difference!

    Thanks for sharing with us J!


  2. My hubby is very committed to our family life.
    We both come from broken homes, his broke when he was 12, mine after we were married and I was 22(but still deeply rocked my world!)

    I think he looks SO sexy when he cares for our children, I love sitting on the couch and just watching while he plays with our 3 and 2 year old girls. Hello hot and handsome when he carried our newborn son around in a moby wrap(even in public).
    He never hesitates to change diapers, answer endless questions, or play daddy jungle gym.

    Doesn’t mean he is perfect, but I love him so much.

  3. I too love that my husband and I can laugh while having sex, when things are awkward or just because we are having fun. He also doesn’t care about my past sexual experiences and knows that the first time I “made love” was with him. I love that he embraces my curves even when I don’t. When we are spooning, sometimes he will just trace his hands over my hips and butt. It makes me feel so much like a woman. He also doesn’t mind PDA and tends to initiate it more than I do. I love that he could care less that there are people around to hug me, kiss me, or even pat my butt! And the list could go on! I will definitely sit down and make a list that I can share with him later.

  4. Love your list! Sounds a lot like my husband. He tends to be a bit of a “Spock” too. 😉
    I love my sexy husband because be genuinely revels in our time together. He loves being with me (not just in bed, although its wonderful there too). He is my best friend and makes me laugh constantly. He loves our children (all seven of them) and is a great dad. He’s quite a package!

  5. 12 Reasons I love my sexy wife

    1. She loves God even more than me. Admittedly, this made me a little uncomfortable for a while. I found it makes her a better lover in every sense of the word. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    2. She is focused on doing what is best for me. This does not mean I always immediately get what I WANT. It turns out that what is best for us is the same as what is best for me.

    3. She is bold and creative in lovemaking. After 31 years of marriage we continue to be blessed finding slightly different and wonderful ways to flirt, caress, and enjoy each other.

    4. Her goal in sexual relations is a message, not an endpoint. There are times when we fully enjoy intimacy, but one or both of us does not finish with an “O.” Regardless of what happens (or doesn’t happen), the love-message can be strong.

    5. At times she enjoys giving me sexual intimacy purely as a gift. It is good to give gifts to those you love. They are best when chosen to satisfy the receiver more than the giver. Both will be blessed.

    6. She is absolutely faithful. God is faithful. She received her character from Him.

    7. She flirts with me in public places with whispers and secret touches. It is very limiting if desire and playfulness can only be expressed in private. My wife communicates her love to me in an appropriate way regardless of our location.

    8. She verbally affirms her love and respect for me as her husband. Words are powerful. We both focus on using them to build up and never intentionally speak words that would tear down our spouse.

    9. She tells me I’m a “manly man.” This is said with a tone of voice that is playful, but serious. Her eyes invite me to share in lovemaking with a “womanly woman.”

    10. She shuns books, TV shows and movies that are sexually provocative. Her experiences with sexual intimacy are in the real world and only with me. Fantasy stimulated by thinking of other couples’ sexuality would be destructive of ours.

    11. She buys nice underwear and uses it well. Enough said.

    12. She reads “Hot, Holy and Humorous” and follows its recommendations. Take, for instance, the one sent out last February… ☺

    Dr. Dan Wilson
    Marriage author/speaker

  6. Other than that incredible thing he does with his hands :-)…

    I love my husband for his humble spirit. When he is wrong, he admits it and seeks forgiveness. Just the other day he apologized to our son for being harsh with him. Our son responded with “That’s okay Dad.” My husband’s response was “No, it wasn’t okay. I took my frustration out on you, you did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve my anger” I feel blessed to be married to someone who is willing to admit his wrongs.

    As far as what gets my motor running… He delights in my orgasm. He loves to take me to the pinnacle of pleasure and doesn’t stop until he has. I am always willing to make love because I know I won’t be disappointed.

  7. Love this list! Number 1 made me smile. Number 2 made me laugh/blush. And my hubby could’t agree with you more on number 3. Thanks for linking up and putting your own unique spin on this. We need more voices out there like yours!

  8. I love the way my husband will often tell me his thoughts when he first laid eyes on me.

    “I knew” he’ll say, “I knew from the moment I saw you”

    He will tell me this at our most intimate moments. He will tell me this during, what we call pillow talk, when we just lie together for awhile touching and kissing and whispering. He will tell me this even now, 20 years later.

    It’s my love language…hearing his affirmations. Nothing is more gratifying.

    Love your blog…just started following 🙂


  9. Haven’t heard the words “I love you” from my husband in 3months neither has he touched me…done everything,I mean everything u can think of to get him back nut none seems to be have gotten to a point to letting him be though I love him greatly and I miss him a lot 🙁

  10. Thanks for reminding not-so-happy wives to pray! And I love that you reflected back that we shouldn’t compare our misters or our marriages. You are always so kind and wise. Happy 2013 to you and Spock. 🙂

  11. Love my sexy husband because everyday at lunch we exchange a sexy text message that lets me know that he loves me and is thinking about me! My co-workers often wonder why I laugh and blush!

  12. I love my husband cause of the many adventurous ways,we express our love,(we have had it practically everywhere in the house) and like you rightly said he isn’t ever tiyad of doing it. He loves my breast so much and dat makes me feel good. As far as my husband is concerned, no woman is has beautiful as I am. He is so caring and loving, he makes sure that we take decisions togeda,if I haven’t agreed on something with him, we had beta leave that thing. Finally he has has much love and zeal to serve God like I have, and it makes the spark great. I love me husband.

  13. What do I love about my sexy husband? That the light is still there in his eyes when I whisper naughty things – even after 28 years. He remembers the physical stuff that “works” for me, and he tells me that our intimacy keeps getting better and better even-though I look very different from that teenager he married…

  14. Anyone have an opinion on boudoir photos? I’m planning on having some done for my wife for valentine’s day. I’ve sent her some pictures from my phone before, of me naked in different positions and she really likes them. But the photographer is a woman and I’m wondering how she’ll take it having another woman photograph me naked and partially aroused. I pretty sure it will be fine but would like the opinion of a few other wives.

    1. Just thought I would add my two cents here. I realize you have no idea who I am, and I don’t know you or your wife and what kinda of standards you have, but personally, I would be horrified if my husband was going to be photographed by another woman like that.

      I do like the idea of having pictures like that(of my husband) for myself, but wouldn’t want it to be take by another woman. A good guy friend, sure, or even a stranger male photographer, but never another woman.

      And if I even did that for my husband I would ONLY consider having a woman photographer, never a man.

  15. My heart almost broke when I read about how great your husband is with regards to your life before him. I am only engaged, and I want to be forgiving to my fiance, but my jealousy and insecurities overwhelm me when it comes to his past, and even present, life. He works in a church, so there are many people for him to interact with. He has been great and patient. I know, logically, that I have nothing to worry about, and God has done great things in my heart, but the hint of the feeling is always there. It has truly become my thorn. I’m wondering, do you know of any bloggers who have experienced anything similar? No one I speak to seems to have dealt with jealousy as I am, which makes it almost even more frustrating. Surely, I can’t be the only one who has dealt with it like this?

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