Daily Archives: August 22, 2013

Redesigning the Website

A little blog business today.

I’ve been working with a web designer to get a unique look for the Hot, Holy & Humorous website. When I started the blog almost three years ago, I adopted a Blogger template and I’ve stuck with it for a long time.

Moving the website. Pretty soon, however, I’ll be moving to a self-hosted website on a WordPress platform. For those of you who know what I’m talking about, you understand that’s a decent-sized undertaking. For the rest of you, just know that when the new website comes up, I’m hoping and praying there will be no glitches, but I make no guarantees. My strengths do not lie in online technology.

Contacting J. Very little will change with the navigability of my site. However, I am planning to include a contact form — something that has been missing here from the beginning.

From time to time, I get a comment from someone asking how I can be contacted. The person wishes to share their particular situation and get my advice. Thus far, I’ve resisted giving out an email to readers. It’s not because I don’t care. I care enormously! But I struggle to answer the comments I have and still maintain a livable household, so I don’t know how responsive I can be to individual requests for wisdom. Moreover, as I’ve said several times, I am not a theologian, a minister, a health care worker, a psychologist, or a licensed counselor. I’m a wife and ongoing student of the Bible who figured out a lot of stuff about godly sexuality and has a passion for encouraging passion.

To be completely honest, I also cringe at the thought of receiving hate and spam email. I happen to know that other marriage bloggers have received some frustrating messages. Almost all of us are open to conversation, but tongue lashings can feel like whip cracks and scar an otherwise good day or even week.

Elmer Fudd & Bugs Bunny

It was Chuck Jones, the creator of Bugs Bunny (my favorite childhood cartoon, hands down), who said, “Anyone can negatively criticize — it is the cheapest of all comment because it requires not a modicum of the effort that suggestion requires.” Sure, there is constructive criticism, and I’m open to hearing other opinions and engaging in healthy debate, but I confess reluctance to open myself up to the less-constructive barrage of verbal barbs. To what end?

Yet at the end of the day, all things considered, I don’t want to be unreachable. While I wish to maintain family privacy and a humble perspective of what I can offer, I want readers to be able to contact me, should they have something important yet confidential to share.

Searching the site. I am also hoping the move will make my site more searchable. As it is now, I have moments of thinking, Now I know I blogged about ____, but when I go looking for the post, I can’t find it. Ridiculous, right? You should be able to search keywords on Hot, Holy & Humorous like “pregnancy,” “Song of Songs,” “hand job,” etc. and find the relevant posts for those topics.

Searching for the font. And finally, I’m making a plea. Years ago, I designed my own logo. See that one at the top of the blog? Here’s another version of it:

I saved the header and this logo as picture files. My web designer is able to clean up the logo for me and make it more precise and pretty on the new site. However, for the life of me, I cannot figure out what font that is. I’ve spent hours and hours online trying to figure it out. The font existed on my old laptop, which I no longer have. The designer and I have tried various fonts, and I’ll be fine with what we chose instead. BUT if you know what font that “Hot, Holy & Humorous” is in up there, I’d be happy to hear from you! Like really happy. Like can I send you a free marriage e-book? happy. [Update: Yes, readers did help me identify it! Thanks.]

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