Daily Archives: March 19, 2015

Taking a Break Today: Here’s Why

I’m sitting here, knowing I have a few posts drafted that could be edited and polished and published. Or I could start a new topic and write something up. But some days, things just aren’t clicking.

Many of you know that feeling in the bedroom. Maybe you want to have sex, want to enjoy intimacy, but even when you try, you’re just struggling and things aren’t happening. Most of the time, I’d say keep going and see if you can still get there.

But sometimes, you have a reason that things aren’t working — maybe something happened in your day or week that just makes that struggle so much harder.

My blog thing is the loss of a pet. Our cat of 18 years died yesterday. At night, I’m usually wedged between husband and kitty in the bed, and as I fell asleep last night one side was empty.

As a kitten, then as an adult, with R.I.P. Shadow

I’m really not crying much. It was time for him to go, and I thank God for the time I had to care for one of His beautiful creatures. But I simply feel hollow today and things aren’t clicking. So I’m going to take a break, mourn and remember, and come back next week refreshed and ready to go.

Which is how I think you should treat those times in your marital bedroom too. If things aren’t clicking that moment, it’s okay to say not now, but don’t go too long before you come back and experience intimacy with your spouse. Indeed, sexual intimacy can be a comfort in times of grief.

By the way, the loss of our Shadow means we can no longer blame any unusual noises coming from our bedroom on the cat. *smile*

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