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Why I Was Gone in July…and Why You Should Be Here in August

The month of July has been, as they say, cray-cray. (Translation: crazy.)

Long story short, I had three weeks eaten up with preparing for events, traveling to/from events, attending events, and recovering from events — those events being a week-long Christian youth camp and a massive writers’ conference in New York City. It didn’t help that I expected to have access to WiFi at church camp and ended up with about an hour of Internet all week long. Being out of touch makes me a little antsy, and I hate not tending regularly to my email and blog.

However, I also learned that I need to let myself have some vacation time too. After my events were finished, hubby and I did a little sightseeing in the Big Apple and enjoyed some wonderful couple time together.

Hanging out by the Empire State Bldg and in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Hanging out by the Empire State Bldg and in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I’m done traveling for a while, and I feel terribly behind. But while my to-do list is full, my calendar is open for the next month — meaning it’s a great time to catch up.

So I’ll be catching up here on Hot, Holy & Humorous with a super-special feature — something I’ve never done before: A full month of blogging in August.

That’s right! Throughout August, I’ll be focused on my Summer of Q&A with J. Each weekday in August, I’ll post a reader question and my response. Then on Saturdays, I’ll feature a round-up and a check-in for what else is going on at HHH, as well as a giveaway of one of my books! I’ll start this Saturday, August 1, with a giveaway to one lucky reader of any of my three books in ebook format: your choice. Just watch for that post and instructions on how to enter.

That’s six days of blogging each week, people! Hope you’ll stick with me as we approach the last days of summer and address sex and marriage according to God’s design. See y’all starting tomorrow!

In the meantime…

What couple vacations have you taken this summer? What do you get from spending extended time away from home with your spouse?

6 thoughts on “Why I Was Gone in July…and Why You Should Be Here in August”

  1. Ah, New York in July. The only thing better is New York in August (whew… sweating can be so fun).

    Being the husband, the summation of what I get when my wife and I go away together: Hotel Sex. Everything else is wonderful too. I get to walk with her (especially when we visit New York). We do things like see matinee plays and movies. We also become grange eaters — when taking a great walking trip we eat along the way and rarely stop for a sit-down lunch. It’s a great way to go; so many wonderful things to try and you exercise along the way (of course it all depends on the place). We go where we want. We talk about our lives, our kids, our parents. Everything.

    And, again, Hotel Sex.

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  3. I have a husband who does not like to be away from home overnight. I would like to spend a vacation with my husband, to talk and share our dreams, to cuddle, to enjoy each other. I don’t know how to get him to go even on a weekend trip with me

    1. That’s tough. My husband’s not as excited about travel as I am, but…

      I wonder why. Are there destinations he’d be more open to? Ways to make the trip more comfortable, like bringing along his favorite pillow, etc.? I’d probably be looking for what’s underlying that reluctance and see if there’s a way to deal with it.

  4. For about the last 4-5 years, my husband and I go away for our anniversary for 2-3 nights. Its one of those couple vacations where our primary goal is to relax, unwind, decompress. We sleep in, get moving slowly, leave the room about 1:00 to look for lunch. Rent RedBox movies (we take our BluRay player with us to hotels!). Maybe hit a movie. We go to San Diego where we’ve spent countless weekends, so there’s no pressure of sightseeing or all that stuff.

    However, this year, we took our girls with us on our anniversary trip. It had it’s pros and cons. Our girls are getting older (11 and 15) and they aren’t going to be around much longer. It wasn’t the same as our normal anniversary weekends. And at this point I’m really missing that special get away.

    Read the linked article “Hotel Sex”…. oh my gosh, what an excellent article!!! All the points were 100% accurate and true!!! Thank You for linking to it!!!

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