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What I Learned on My Sabbatical

I’m back!

Next time you feel like God is telling you do something that doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, realize He sees stuff you don’t see. When I decided to take a month off blogging, I had no idea that my month would end up including family and health issues that would have made keeping up with my blogging schedule impossible.

But even with these additional challenges, I still managed to spend time thinking and praying about the direction of my ministry. And here’s what came from that experience.

Categorizing my content

I’ve written over 800 posts that cover a lot of topics regarding sexual intimacy in marriage, but they’re not sorted into topics in a drop-down menu so that you can easily see what I’ve said on issues like Oral Sex, Sexless Marriage, Higher-Drive Wives, etc. I want to remedy that. In fact, I believe it’s more important for my readers and visitors to find relevant articles I’ve already written than to produce new content. Because many people who come to my blog are looking for answers to specific issues in their marriage bed, and they need to be able to locate those more efficiently.

Blogging once then twice a week

I’ve been blogging three times a week, but I’ll be cutting back to once a week until I can get all those old posts categorized. Once the Great Sort is completed, I will bump it up to blogging twice weekly. Since the Q&A posts take the longest to write, that feature will appear every other week, so that can give each question sufficient attention and care.

Writing more books

Finding time to write outside of the blog has been a struggle. But God’s pushing me to prioritize two projects I’ve had on my plate for a while. Therefore, I’ll be finishing up Pillow Talk, a book that walks couples through communicating about sex, and then tackling my personal passion book for higher-drive wives.

Speaking at events

I had a wonderful experience speaking to women in Brookings, Oregon, and I’m looking forward to keynoting at a marriage conference in Utah in November. But I’d like to do a lot more speaking. I will be pursuing opportunities in the Houston area, MOPS groups in the region, and women’s and marriage events anywhere. I’ll also be extending my Speaker Fee Waived through June 2019. For more information about booking me, click over to my Speaking page.


Sex Chat for Christian Wives is one of my proudest accomplishments. In large part because it’s not mine: This podcast has the synergy of four Christian women committed to helping other wives experience God’s design for sex in their marriages. I’ve been blessed so many times over by my three co-hosts as well as our listeners, and I know it’s making a real difference. Consequently, I felt God telling me very clearly that we need to continue and even look for ways to expand our reach.

What else is coming my way is a bit fuzzy. But I feel confident that these core goals are the ones I need to be working on.

I suspect that I’ll get even more clarity when I attend the Declare Conference for Christian women communicators in October, where I’ll finally get to meet Chris Taylor of The Forgiven Wife in person. (I’ve already met Bonny Burns of OysterBed7, who is also coming.) I look forward to that time of refocusing and refreshment. I genuinely appreciate the financial assistance readers have provided to make this happen by donating through our GoFundMe account. (Which, yes, you can still donate to, because all of our expenses are not yet covered.)

I’ll be back next week with more content with the goal of helping couples, especially wives, experience God’s design for sex in their marriage — hot, holy, and humorous as always!

17 thoughts on “What I Learned on My Sabbatical”

  1. I’m happy to see you back, and even more so that you have determined some ways to streamline your ministry. I couldn’t agree more with the need to be able to search your site for various topics.

  2. You’ve got some great ideas, and I love it. Having things sorted by topics and making them much easier to find will be a huge benefit to people. I did something similar to my website and the reviews just from changing the formatting from a “blog” format where they’re in date published order, to a “page” and topic format were 100% positive and women said they were so much more helpful. I’m sure it’ll be the same for your readers. Good luck with getting everything sorted and organized.

  3. Welcome back, my friend! I’m excited to see how this unfolds for you–and super-duper excited to get to be able to hug you in person in a couple months!

  4. Sounds like a great plan!! I am so excited to know that you are making your topics easier to find. I’m new and I know there is a wealth of valuable information here and an easier way to search will be VERY helpful. Thank you so much for your ministry, I really need continued help in this area. God bless, strengthen and encourage you!!!

    1. It’s being hosted by the Ultimate Intimacy app folks in St. George, Utah. More info to come soon!

  5. Great articles. Great subject. Great job. I’m a little conflicted over the Christian angle, but I understand. I may be the only sex-vangelist I know. That’s one who understands and wants to spread the message of the importance of sex for the over 60 crowd. I’m speaking to women, mostly.

    1. Thanks! I’ve not heard the term “sex-vangelist,” but I do know of others promoting healthy sexuality in later years. For instance, my friend Sandi Goforth. Still, we need more voices in this area! Of course, my “Christian angle” is what I’d like to see, since God is the Creator of sex and marriage, so His ideas about it matter. Thanks for reading. Blessings!

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