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20 Date Nights You Can Do at Home

I remember the days when hubby and I couldn’t leave the house — at least not without a lot of planning, a babysitter and a backup, and a chunk of money it was hard to spend on a simple date. After all, we had a diaper bill to pay!

These days, hubby and I have more freedom, with teenagers who don’t need a babysitter (we think), but we still often enjoy having date night at home. There’s something cozy about hanging out and getting romantic in your own familiar space.

Which is why I was excited to read Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates. Written by author and blogger, Cassie Celestain, this book walks couples through 20 do-it-yourself ideas for dates you can plan and execute at home.

Creating True Agape book cover

Each chapter has a focus topic, materials, instructions, discussion, and goals. Cassie is wonderfully detailed, making sure you have everything you need to follow through with the date night idea. All of the dates are designed to get you closer, interacting, and deepening the marital relationship.

From considering your goals to cooking together to an intimacy challenge (yay! right in the Hot, Holy & Humorous wheelhouse), there are sure to be experiences you’ve never done with your spouse that you’d enjoy. Although you might be surprised that my own favorites were probably the spa day and service project ideas.

These Creating True Agape ideas are also the very definition of “cheap date.” The materials needed are things you’ll likely have around your house, like writing utensils, scissors, a bowl, etc. But just because you aren’t laying out a bunch of money doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful. Instead, it will take a bit of effort and planning to make the date happen. But no more planning than getting a babysitter for the little ones or counting your pennies for the week to pay for an outside-the-home date.

I liked how these dates also demonstrate that with some effort and creativity, you can do a lot in your own home to open up communication, deepen your connection, show physical affection, and strengthen your marriage. It simply requires commitment and intentionality. You can start with a resource like Creating True Agape. And working through these ideas might inspire you to come up with a few of your own!

Click right over and purchase this resource! Also, leave a comment below, and I’ll pick two lucky winners on Friday to receive a copy of Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates.

Creating True Agape book coverCreating True Agape includes 20 easy and fun at home dates for you and your spouse to enjoy. With these activities, you will get to spend quality time together and share laughter while facilitating discussions about real life scenarios. These at home dates do more than just give you something to do. They are designed to cultivate communication, intimacy and growth! The dates also were created to include all Love Languages to ensure both people are feeling loved.


Cassie CelestainCassie Celestain is a wife, mom, runner and a marriage and family blogger at TrueAgape. She believes respect, trust, understanding and willingness creates happy marriages and families. She strives to keep those things the main focus in her daily life and wants to challenge others to do the same. You can get her free 6-page guide “The Secret to Making your Husband Feel Loved” now.