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Put Yourselves In the Christmas Photos!

I’m stepping away from my usual subject of sex today to rant about your Christmas family photo. Yes, you. I’ve seen your Christmas cards and your scrapbooks and your framed holiday photos, and year after year there are all those pictures of the children and fewer and fewer of the two of you.

Why is that? Are you not thrilled with your appearance? Afraid someone will catch your “bad side”? Concerned about how much you’ve changed since you took that one fabulous picture back in 1994 that you still use as your profile photo on Facebook?

I think many married couples are missing out by not chronicling their journey, including photos of themselves as they go through the years together. Little warms my heart more than seeing pictures of couples at various stages of life, with the same look of love in their eyes regardless of how their appearance alters.

Believe me, my husband and I do not look like we did on our wedding day. Well, we’re recognizable, but you can count a lot more wrinkles and sags on these faces than you could when we got hitched over 20 years ago. But there’s a story in those photos — a story of falling in love, making a commitment, struggling through challenges and doubts, hanging in there when others might have given up, and experiencing the redemption of God our Father.

I also want my children to have this record of our relationship. And your kids will want to see your photos someday. Maybe your grandkids.

Even your friends to whom you send Christmas cards — they like seeing your kids, but you are their friends and they want to see your smiles.

I encourage you to do this simple thing for your marriage: Take a couple photo this season. Take several, so you can get one you both like. Remember why you fell in love with this person and that you’re still here. No matter who bet against you.

You can even go for a photo under the mistletoe.

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Dating. We were so young!

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