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What to Get Your Husband for V-Day

Woman holding Valentine's present

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Valentine’s Day is on our heels yet again, only two weeks away. Google “what to get a man for Valentine’s Day,” and you’ll see variations on a theme. The general consensus is that what hubbies really want is sex.

Yes, I know: You’re shocked. You were certain that it would be flowers or that new pair of shoes he saw in the window last time you both went shopping.

It’s true for many men, though. While wives think of the romance of Valentine’s Day involving flowers, chocolate, poetry, etc., husbands often see romance as synonymous with the intimate entangling of your two bodies. In their heads, what could be more romantic than a tango under the sheets?

If that isn’t your husband — if he is less inclined toward sexual activity than you — this statement may not ring true. Statistics are not clear in this area, but perhaps 20-25% of marriages have a wife with a stronger libido than her husband.

But all of us wives may want some ideas on what to get the hubster. After consulting with a friend on this very topic, I decided to share my brainstorming ideas with you as well.

Plan the date you want. If your husband is reluctant to take the reins, offer to do it yourself. Maybe that’s the very thing he wants — for you to create the romantic atmosphere that makes you feel warm, fuzzy, and in the mood.

Find online or create gift certificates for romance/sex acts that you both enjoy. Tailor them to your situation. Of course, some people truly enjoy these certificates, while others would rather not wait to “redeem” the coupon. Think about what your husband would prefer and go with it.

Put together a special basket of bubble bath, wine/beer, scented massage oil, etc. and give him a bath for two and full body massage followed by whatever. Let him unwrap the package of goodies, then put them to good use right away.

Unveil special lingerie that he would like to see you in (and out of). You can plan a shopping trip to include him in the purchase or spring it on him as a surprise. My advice for those who are uncomfortable wearing the super-lacy or racy stuff: Don’t expect to go from sleep shirt to corset-and-thong. Just stretch a little bit beyond your comfort zone. You might also want to ask a sales clerk what type of lingerie accentuates your assets.

Create a small photo album or online presentation to showcase your favorite memories with him and view it together. You can do a pretty quick video at Animoto. Gina Parris of Winning at Romance posted an example some time ago.

Vajazzle. There are even Valentine’s themed vajazzling kits available. But a few strategically placed crystals with a heart or “Luv U” could send just the message you want.

Watch a romance flick that he would like. I posted some time ago a list of lovey-dovey flicks that even your man will enjoy: Movies to Inspire.

Buy him a tie, scarf, or other clothing accessory he wants, and then show up wearing only that for the gift presentation. Afterward, not only will he have a nice necktie, but every time he puts it on, it could bring that moment of you wearing it to mind . . . and make him smile.

Take the usual chocolates or flowers and make it your own project . . . like spelling a message with the chocolates or using the flowers to make a trail to the bedroom. You could even take a candy bar, remove the wrapper, and replace it with your own design. (Found cute bride & groom ones here.)

Cook him a meal or dessert he likes. If it’s just the two of you, you could even wear an apron and sexy undies while preparing the food — whetting both of his appetites. (Although in my marriage, we’re better off eating out.)

Record yourself reading a love poem or the Song of Songs or singing a sexy song. Make it an MP3 or CD. Then your hubby can listen to your sensuous voice any time he wants.

Buy him a tool or new gadget. This one isn’t sexy, but let’s face it: A lot of guys like this gift. Honestly, even Spock (my husband) gets excited about a brand-new power drill.

That’s my list! It’s certainly not comprehensive, and some of these may not be your style. Hopefully, you know your own mate enough to have an inkling of what he would enjoy. If not, it doesn’t hurt to ask. See what expectations he has for this special day celebrating love.

Now share with the rest of us! What Valentine’s Day gift ideas do you have for the hubbies?

And guys…most wives would adore getting a love letter.