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The 7 Links Challenge

Last week, Hot, Holy & Humorous was nominated by Marriage Life Ministries to participate in the 7 Links Challenge hosted by @tripbase.  My thanks to Clint and Alecia at Marriage Life Ministries who have a heart for hurting marriages and a desire to foster healthy ones.

Clint & Alecia, Marriage Life Ministries
Clint & Alecia, Marriage Life Ministries

This Challenge asks for blog links to seven posts in certain categories.  I combed through my past blogging and found posts that meet the criteria.  If you haven’t read the following, or simply want a refresher, click on the link!

1.  Your Most Beautiful Post

In Celebration of the Kiss.  I adored researching this post about kissing and finding beautiful quotes, poetry, songs, and even classic movie kisses to illustrate God’s fabulous idea of two lips touching in loving affection.  Kissing does absolutely nothing to further reproduction; it seems to me that its only purpose is to express and foster connection.  Thank you, Lord!

2.  Your Most Popular Post

Nightie or Nudie.  This is simply a post about how much our visual husbands appreciate the nightie or the nudie!  We wives would be wise to use that knowledge and please our hubbies accordingly.  God made men visual, and that’s a good thing.  ‘Cause we ladies are smokin’ hot!  Right, gals?

3.  Your Most Controversial Post

What Does Modesty Look Like.  Comments to this post indicated that modesty is not so easily defined.  Oddly enough, some husbands seem to encourage immodesty in their wives — maybe to show them off?  I took a stab at what modesty should look like for women.  Some will agree; some won’t.  At least this post gets people thinking about the topic.

4.  Your Most Helpful Post

Pain & Pleasure.  Sexual intercourse is physically painful for some wives.  In this post, I give some tips on addressing the discomfort some women feel.  There are steps couples can take to replace pain with pleasure.

5.  A Post Whose Success Surprised You

Trimming the Hedges.  I confessed my personal story of shaving my bikini area and beyond!  And it struck a chord.  My hilarious experience resulted in the realization that the presence and amount of hair affects how sex with your spouse feels.  Readers weighed in with their own thoughts.  (This post also proves that I will blog about anything that could affect a couple’s sex life!)

6.  A Post You Feel Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

That Sexual Mistreatment Should Have Never Happened to You!  There are way too many people out there who have been sexually hurt by someone who proclaimed to practice Christianity.  Thankfully, there are plenty of Christians as well who desperately wish we could remove that negative experience.  God’s gift of sexuality is not represented by Satan’s distortions of it.  

7.  The Post You Are Most Proud of

My Personal Testimony.  I am indeed most proud of my very first post and my personal testimony — probably because it sat on my laptop for months before I got brave enough to hit PUBLISH THIS POST.  I long felt prodded by God to tell my narrative and to help others in the area of Christian sexuality in marriage, and this post represents my obedience to my Father and my perspective on the importance of healthy sexuality in marriage.  In addition, it’s important for people to share their personal testimony when it can help others.

The last part of the 7 Links Challenge is to nominate five other bloggers to participate as well.  But here is my confession:  I planned to research who I wanted to tag, but last night I was otherwise engaged with my husband and then today when I returned from a last-hoorah summer family outing, I dozed off for one of the best naps I’ve had in months!  (Frankly, I was always that horrible chick who invited oodles of bad luck by breaking the connection of the chain letter.)  I plan to nominate five bloggers through Twitter and will update this post accordingly.  But for now, I wanted to give you my 7 Links without further ado!

Blessings once again to Marriage Life Ministries!  Be sure to check them out. 

Finally, since I enjoy getting feedback from readers, what have been your favorite posts from HHH?  Has something been particularly enlightening ?  Helpful?  Funny?  Is there a topic you wish I’d cover that I haven’t?

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  1. Awesome collection of posts! Glad you participated! You are such a blessing in a topic area too few aren’t willing to touch! We appreciate what you do and your insights!

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