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Are You Thankful for Sex?

Thanksgiving Cornucopia
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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Those of you outside the United States are not celebrating this day as we Americans are, but expressing one’s gratefulness for the blessings of life is always a good idea.

Today many families will thank God for food, family, friends, jobs, possessions, football games, and more. However, I would be surprised if you have considered thanking God for your sexuality.

Before you worry that I’m planning to carve the turkey, sit down with extended relatives, and have a prayer chain that includes me proclaiming, “Thank you, Lord, for my husband’s sexy body and that amazing thing he did last night,” I was thinking about privately thanking God.

Do you ever pause and thank our Creator for the beautiful gift of physical intimacy in marriage? I mean, besides when you might have squealed “Thank you, God!” after a particularly good orgasm.

Have you ever thanked Him as part of your regular prayer time? Have you expressed your gratefulness for the way He designed man and woman to become husband and wife as one flesh? Have you told God how it amazes you that our bodies fit together in this way, that our brains are designed to connect sexuality with emotional bonding, and that this special form of intimacy is reserved for a single individual in your life?

Maybe things aren’t going well for you sexually right now. Maybe your marital intimacy isn’t everything it should be or could be. Maybe you are carrying hurts from your past or fears for your future. Maybe you don’t feel that you have much to be thankful for when it comes to your sexuality.

If so, you might begin by simply thanking God for making you a sexual being who can one day, with His help, experience the blessings God reserved for the marriage bed. It is my continual desire that you will learn how much God loves you and that everything He has designed for us is for our best.

Sex is God’s idea. It is His blessing to husbands and wives. It is His provision for making children, increasing intimacy, and providing pleasure to married couples whom He loves. Take a brief moment today to thank Him for sex.

I will be praying today for all of you as well – thanking God for your marriages and praying that He works in your daily lives to bring about all of the blessings that He has for you.

11 thoughts on “Are You Thankful for Sex?”

  1. Hi J

    I truly enjoy having sex with my husband.. and I’m very grateful to God because we went through a period where our sex life was non-existent.. long story that involves porn and low confidence and some erectile dysfunction. We’ve been all better now for over two years.

    My issue is that I have never had an orgasm. I’m beginning to believe that I can’t. I love sex… I initiate it more often than he does! But I know that it bothers him somewhat (a lot less than in the past!) and it bugs me! I believe it might have something to do with letting go and relaxing.. any tips for me?


  2. I think most of us are thankful for (and frankly, awed by) the concept/God’s design of sex and what He intends for us. But like you noted, the individual implementation (or lack thereof) is where it’s often so difficult.

    Personally, I’m thankful for people like yourself who share bluntly, but honestly about it the right way–from a biblical perspective. It’s frustrating being single (especially in a world permeated with lies and deceit about the subject), so we need that constant reminder of what we’re waiting for–something beautiful, honorable, and pleasurable as God intended.

    1. The constant reminder though, reminds us that we may be missing out on something we may never get. Then it’s just depressing. I sometimes wish I never had to hear about it until I was to be wed. Or born in time where marriages are arranged at a young age.

  3. Anonymous – That is a great question! It deserves more than a couple of tips, though. I’m going to put that topic in my queue and get to it VERY soon! Hope you’ll check back. (And yes, relaxing & letting go is part, but certainly not all, of it.)

    Gregory – Thanks! I have such respect for singles out there who are waiting for the blessing of sex in marriage. I pray that God blesses you with just that. I love your comment of “awed by”; I am too. God could have made the reproductive process much more bland, but He didn’t because He loves us.

  4. Yes, I have. I think it’s awesome that you wrote a blog post about it, too! Intimacy in marriage is so important and if more godly couples would view sex from God’s perspective instead of the mess the world has made of it, my husband and I both genuinely believe that many of those nit picky things that really hurt a marriage long-term would vanish. Sorry, but it’s tough to give a hoot about the trash getting taken out exactly when you want it to when your man really blew your mind last night! Ya know? It’s just easier to overlook those kinds of things when you know that on a truly intimate level your hubby (or wife, for you fellas out there) is right there with you! You feel loved and cherished and it matters… Love this post, J! 🙂

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