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The Summer of Q&A with J! Ask Me Anything.

I have such a special place in my heart for the readers of my blog. From those who share my posts, to those who comment, to those who read consistently, to those who lurk (yes, I see you!), to those who stumble by on occasion — I write for you.

Although when I write, I don’t picture everyone out there altogether. Instead I tend to visualize a single person, usually a wife, sitting across from me at a table in a coffee shop or café, and I’m sharing my heart about this or that marriage or sexuality issue.

But when it comes to my comments and emails, sometimes the table gets a little crowded. I’m having an increasingly difficult time responding in a timely fashion to questions posed here on my blog or through my blog contact page.

You may have experienced that issue of me taking way too long to approve and reply to a comment or to respond to an email. At times I’m simply away from my computer, and other times I’m overwhelmed with to-do’s. Despite my asking God repeatedly for superpowers (which seems to make Him chuckle), I am still a mere mortal and cannot do it all.

Especially when I prioritize God, family, and the friends in my midst. As a ministry grows, the leader(s) ask questions about how to best use their resources. In my case, one of those resources is my time.

Even so, I sincerely want to answer questions whenever I can, so I’m launching The Summer of Q&A with J! From June through August, I’ll be dealing with one question asked by a reader or e-mailer each week.

Beach with footprints pointing toward ocean and "Ready?" plus blog post title

Ask. Me. Anything.

Yes, anything. Will I answer it? Well, since I’ll only have 13 weeks, I can’t promise to answer everything. But I’ll choose those questions that cover the most ground or address an issue I’ve yet to cover.

Your questions can be about:

  • A specific situation in your marriage
  • What the Bible says about a sexual issue
  • How to do something in your marriage bed
  • Why low-drive/high-spouses think a particular way
  • Health issues regarding sex
  • Body image concerns
  • Contraception or conception and its effect on sexual intimacy
  • A question arising from one of my books
  • What to do with an especially vivacious bunny (thanks to Paul Byerly for that question!)
  • Whatever you can think of regarding marriage and intimacy!

Send your question to hotholyhumorous [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also click on the Contact J button up there on the menu page and fill out the form there.

Please label your question somewhere with the phrase “Q&A” so I’ll know what it’s for!

The Hot, Holy & Humorous staff will go through all the questions and pick which ones J will address.

*insert hysterical laughter*

Oh, I crack myself up! The “Hot, Holy & Humorous staff” is just little ol’ me, checking emails between laundry loads and writing books and raising kids. But I’ll give it all my best shot.

So go ahead. Give me your best shot! Join The Summer of Q&A with J!

Note: Several of you who have emailed me have asked to remain anonymous. Just so you know…I’ll pose all questions as “from a reader,” so you will not be identified by name!

13 thoughts on “The Summer of Q&A with J! Ask Me Anything.”

  1. J,
    I do want to thank you so much for your great ministry – you will only know the full extent of what you have done to help others once we get to The Master’s House in heaven. I pray for you and your ministry that you will not be overwhelmed. Remember that this is a ministry and your relationship with Christ and your family are to be set before the ministry.
    You have given me lots to ponder – you have been helpful. My wife was sexually abused all her childhood and early adulthood by her dad. As you can imagine – this brings definite challenges to fulfilling true physical intimacy. But your blog helps me to deal with many of my struggles. Sometimes I get a little saddened … no … its realizing its not sadness but a sense of loneliness when I am with some one I love so much but has a difficult time returning love to me thru physical intimacy.
    Reading this blog I have come to realized I AM NOT A SEXUAL DEVIANT. But just a man with God given desires and needs. It is helpful to read comments in this blog helping me understand I am not alone in this struggle. Ans the struggle is not just a man’s struggle but also a woman’s struggle to achieve a close sexually intimate relationship. Meanwhile I know that my Creator has given a wonderful wife to love and enjoy life with. Again – thank you so much for your ministry. GOD BLESS!

    1. Thank you so much! There isn’t much that can get me more riled up than sexual abuse — horrible, horrible, horrible. I pray she can get past that terrible mistreatment. Many blessings to you and your wife.

  2. Such a great idea J. Prayerfully many woman, and possibly men, will find some answers.

    Bob, I will be praying for you and your wife. God bless brother.

  3. Thanks for your prayers, Stuart –
    We have been married 38 years in July. GOD is GREAT and has helped us as we work together thru things. I realize that without GOD severely intervening that our relationship, that our physical relationship will be far from what I would consider to be normal. But GOD has given a wonderful wife! While struggling with some of my issues, I was reminded by a Christian councilor that I had to make a decision. Was I willing to LOVE her as CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH – that is did I love her enough to lay down those things that I felt were so important. After a lot of inner struggles and arguments with GOD I have come to a point where most of the time I am able to lay my life down for my lovely wife’s best welfare. And the stuggle with my wants and desires will always be there – yet controlled by GOD.

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