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Real Life Check-in

I’m behind two posts: Saturday with a marriage memory verse and today with a Q&A with J. But honestly, my hard drive is dying, so I’ve had to shift my priorities while I attempt to save all my data before my laptop goes kaput.

Not to say that y’all are not a huge priority. You are!

But I won’t be able to write posts for even longer if I end up fighting to retrieve data for the next month. In the meantime:

And take my Personal Lubricant Survey! I’m currently at 468 responses. If we reach 500 before the survey closes at the end of the month, I promise to give away a book (maybe a couple of books) in the follow-up post I write about personal lubricant recommendations.

3 thoughts on “Real Life Check-in”

  1. No sense running up the hit count on the survey, I already took it and I already bought a book! Ha! NOW she tells me! Be easy, J, don’t hurt yourself!

  2. KY, ick. No offense, Ms. Reason (or Mrs.?)! Commercial lubricants read like an oil refinery checklist. Unrefined, organic cold-pressed grapeseed and our favorite, coconut oil are the only way we fly. Trader Joe’s carries those. Commercial stuff, even oils from Neutrogena which are highly regarded are so loaded with a laundry list of add-ins and scents I won’t use them for her back rubs or even her foot massages. We horse around so much with all that (much of it not resulting in sex, just ’cause), I figure there is a cumulative absorption into our systems, better it not be commercial stuff. Ok, ok, I’m a nut, I guess, but if it isn’t ok to consume, I won’t use it on her. Ain’t love grand?

    Lovely thing about massaging my beloved long and lovingly with lots of coconut oil is, it travels well! Ha! Cheerful day to all!

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