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5 Holidays to Celebrate with Your Spouse (Besides Valentine’s)

Valentine’s Day is over for 2018! Either you nailed it, or you have 364 days to show love in other ways to your spouse. Actually, how about we all express our appreciation and desire for our beloveds throughout the year!

However, if you like having a little nudge from a holiday, be assured that February 14 is not your only opportunity. On today’s High Five Saturday, let’s talk about five upcoming holidays on which married couples can celebrate their hot, holy, and humorous love!

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1. Steak & BJ Day

This year: Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The theory behind this holiday, clearly concocted by men, is that Valentine’s Day is for women — what with the emphasis on greeting cards, flowers, candy, and romance. Meanwhile, what does a man really want to get from the love of his life? Two things: steak and a blow job.

However, I know plenty of husbands who enjoy Valentine’s…and plenty of wives who also enjoy steak and giving their husbands fellatio. So perhaps Steak & BJ Day would be a win-win in your marriage!

For tips on giving a great blow job, check out the chapter on oral sex in my book, Hot, Holy, and Humorous: Sex in Marriage by God’s Design.

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2. International Kissing Day

This Year: Friday, April 13, 2018

This holiday celebrates kissing for kissing’s sake, whether or not it leads to other affectionate activities. Why not devote extra time and focus on smooching with each other on this day?

For more on kissing, check out 5 Kisses You Need to Master and my more extensive tips in the Hot, Holy, and Humorous book.

3. National Sex Day

This Year: Saturday, June 9, 2018

It’s either impossible or a complete waste of my time to track who came up with this holiday. Yet it’s become a hashtag on social media and a goal for some couples to make love on this particular day. Although this year you have a whole Saturday to accomplish this challenge, the holiday actually occurs on June 9 every year. That’s 6/9. Get it?

If you want tips on having great sex…yeah, that’s pretty much my whole blog, as well as my books. But in case you want to know what qualifies as sex, check out this post: What Is Sex?

4. National Romance Awareness Day…oh wait, MONTH!

This Year: Wednesday, August 1, 2018, and beyond!

Apparently, a single day dedicated to romance is insufficient. We need an entire month! Now, research shows it takes about twice that long to really develop a new habit, but a full month of romance might convince you of its benefits so that you’ll keep it going for years to come.

How to do romance well? Three blogs I follow share quite a few romance tips. Check out The Romantic VineyardLove Hope Adventure, and The Generous Wife.

5. Your Anniversary

This year: _____________________, 2018/2019

If you couldn’t fill in that blank, you’d better figure it out quickly! Because of all the marriage holidays one can celebrate, your own anniversary is probably the one your beloved cares most about. It’s the day unique to the two of you and your marriage.

How should you celebrate? I suggest you ask the spouse who cares the most about this day and commemorate the way they want. Within reason, of course. I mean, I’d love to go to Australia for a full week to celebrate our upcoming 25th! But we’re going to Chicago for a few days, because that’s where I’m traveling already for a business trip and it’s what we can afford. Likewise, figure out how you can do your anniversary up big without breaking your back or the bank.

Of course you don’t need any of these holidays to celebrate the love in your marriage. But if you enjoy the special days, find one or more of these to mark on your calendar and start the joyous anticipation now.

Speaking of marriage (as if I do anything else), I had a wonderful opportunity last Saturday to chat with popular Canadian talk show host, Dr. Drew Marshall. I’d love for you to pop over and listen to the 20-minute interview! Click below to find our segment from February 20, 2018, the Valentine’s Day Special.

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12 thoughts on “5 Holidays to Celebrate with Your Spouse (Besides Valentine’s)”

  1. I really don’t care about holidays. My husband nailed it nonetheless. He let me sleep an extra hour while he got breakfast in the table and packed our lunches.

    After work he romantically listened to my practice talk and helped me fix up my slides and my talk for my dissertation defense. Which was on the 15 th.
    That made me feel super loved and supported.

    I would not recommend going to Australia for a week. That’s really not long enough. It’s going to take you a day or 2 just to get there. It’s a 19 h flight from Houston to Sydney. And you’re going to be wiped out for at least a day after that. If you actually want to enjoy the trip you need to go for at least 3 weeks. A 19 hr flight and 6+ time zones is no joke.

    1. Yes, indeed! Not sure when and how to spare three weeks, but it’s in my life goals to head to that beautiful country/continent.

  2. There’s another important alt holiday that got left off. It’s the female equivalent to Steak and BJ Day for the guys. Cake and Cunnilingus Day on April 14 is for the ladies.

  3. I idea of receiving a blow job sounds like fun,, I don’t ask for one and my wife doesn’t pursue giving me one, though she has kissed and teased and fondled me in that area.

    I feel fulfilled in how we are intimate and certainly enjoy delicately tasting her clitoris and labia,, but always had the feeling that maybe women don’t enjoy giving a BJ so I never asked her as I didn’t want to be all about me.

    This may sound silly,, as we have mirrors, our intimacy is slow and unhurried, but no BJ. I certainly don’t want her to give me one if she is uncomfortable,,,,

    So I’m just wondering if there are women who give them and doesn’t enjoy it, but does it anyway?

    1. Yes, there are. I have heard from wives who do that act not because they enjoy it, but because they believe it blesses their husband and that is what they enjoy. It’s a means to an end that they value. Other wives really do get turned on by it. What the breakdown is, I don’t know. But I have heard both sides of that equation, as well as wives who really dislike it so much or experience such physical discomfort that they take it off the sexual menu. As I’ve said before, I encourage couples to try oral sex, but it’s not a requirement for having satisfying sexual intimacy in marriage.

  4. Thank you J, my wife and I center our oral intimacy on her, it turns us both on,, she has free rein to do whatever she wants to me and I her, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything by her not giving me a BJ, but now I’m curious..

    1. Mark,

      Just ask her. Talk to her and see if she would be comfortable doing that for you. Maybe this is too simplistic of an illustration, but my husband occasionally asks me to bake a new recipe. While that version of cheesecake or chocolate confection may not be my first pick (or maybe because there are 5000 recipes out there that are similar), I can still look at it and think. Ok, why not. I’ll give it a try and if it doesn’t work then I’ll know.

      But if he never asks me, then I’ll never attempt the new recipe.

      One last thing. Sex is for the both of you. While there can be times (or turns) that you take to focus on each other, it is also about receiving. She may not want to do that, and that is ok. ButIf she’s willing, make it easy for her. Try it in the shower together or shortly thereafter when are you extra clean and nice smelling. ~ Johanna

  5. J, cant believe you missed cake and cunnilingus day. I have overheard the ladies in the office talking about it. Been out there for a while.

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