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Sex: From the Skit Guys

The Skit Guys Photo
Tommy Woodward & Eddie James
“The Skit Guys”

I have several posts half-finished, and this has been a week to catch up on everything else in my life. Rather than give a half-hearted polish to one of the topics I want to cover as best I can, I’m sharing a couple of videos from the Skit Guys. According to their website, their mission is “teaching God’s word using comedy, drama and whatever category talking action figures fit into for over twenty years.”

I came across The Sex Talk video through Sheila Gregoire‘s Marriage Daily Paper (which I highly recommend). This video is touted as a way to introduce the sex talk to kids and teens. However, I find that a Bible class of married couples can also turn into blushing junior high kids at the mention of “intercourse” (gasp!). If you want a growing, mature sexual relationship in marriage, you have to be able to address the subject like an adult. So here is the first video:

The second video I found from their website shows the connection between Sex as originally intended and Sin as it has corrupted sexuality in our world. I love the last two lines. See what you think of The Story of Sex:

So what did you think? Do you agree with their take? What ideas did these clever videos bring to mind?

One more thing: Sheila Gregoire recently finished her 29 Days to Great Sex series. Her book, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, releases soon and today she launches a contest in which you could win money towards a 1st or 2nd second honeymoon. Check it out at her website: To Love, Honor and Vacuum.

5 thoughts on “Sex: From the Skit Guys”

  1. We love the skit guys. In fact, as a pastor, anytime I’m looking for a video on just about any subject, the skit guys are one of the first places I look. They do a great job of communicating difficult truths in a simple way.

  2. I love the skit guys. My church’s youth group would go to this convention in Dayton, Ohio Easter weekends and a couple of years, the Skit Guys were guests there. I loved it!

  3. “The Story of Sex” is good–it does a nice job of quickly summarizing what can take pages to explain! Hopefully this whets people’s appetites to see for themselves the truth and beauty of what God designed sexual intimacy to be in marriage.

  4. I REALLY love that second video! It says it all so well, and comes back to the root of the problem: sin. Thanks for sharing these!

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