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Hearing from the Hubbies Wrap-Up…and a Tease

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I am so thankful for the men who have written on Hot, Holy & Humorous with what they wished women knew about sexuality. In case you missed any of the guest posts, here’s the full list:

Sexual Desire Differences: What If There’s Nothing Going Wrong? from Corey Allen of Simple Marriage

A Wife’s Insecurities, a Husband’s Response from Justin of Do Not Disturb

Sexual Appetite by the Kentucky Colonel of A Grown Up Marriage

Wives: What Is Your Husband Thinking during Sex? from Gerad Harris of mission:husband

Ten Lies Wives Believe about Sex (and Ten Truths Husbands Want You to Know) from Scott Means of Journey to Surrender

The Beauty of a Woman by Greg Donner

You Would If You Loved Me! from Paul Byerly of The Generous Husband

Quantity vs. Quality: What Do Hubbies Want? from Jay Dee of Sex Within Marriage

What stood out to me about the posts as a whole are that husbands don’t see sex as merely a physical release assisted by their wives. Unfortunately, that’s the picture drawn by many in our culture. The assumption is that since most men crave sex, they are focused on the act itself. Instead, these guest bloggers demonstrate that men crave connection, and that God created them to desire it in the physical context of sex. That isn’t all they want, but in most husbands’ eyes, it’s a big part of what makes them feel intimate with their wives.

I love the conclusion of the book For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhan. Ms. Feldhan surveyed husbands and asked what they wanted their wives to know. The number one answer? “Men want their wives to know how much they love them.” Husbands aren’t always able to express it the way they want to, but most men I hear from desire their wives so very much . . . because they love their wives so very much.

I hope you’ll share in the comments what post stood out to you and why. What did you learn while it was “raining men” on Hot, Holy & Humorous?

And now for the TEASE! I am giddy with delight! The husbands (and one single guy) above have willingly blogged on what they wish women knew about sexuality. Since this was the time for hubbies to speak up, I asked my own husband to add his two cents to the conversation. Convincing him may have involved some cajoling and promises of nudity, but he finally agreed.

So come back next week when “Spock” will speak.

6 thoughts on “Hearing from the Hubbies Wrap-Up…and a Tease”

  1. Looking forward to the “Fascinating!” thing(s) Spock has to say! I’m sure it will raise an eyebrow. (sorry; couldn’t resist) 😉

  2. I liked the one by Paul of the Generous Husband the best as he put the male perspective in a very rational and clear way. Its the kind of article every wife should read so that the communication and understanding is there from the start. There’s nothing worse than couples who use sex as a weapon. It can only go one way when that happens.

    Great selection of guest posts overall J. Would you be interested in any from female bloggers? I’ve been writing a lot recently about what couples should prepare for when it comes to the early years of marriage and the part that sex plays as the relationship matures.


  3. I like the post “You would if you loved me”. Man! I’m so thankful for a husband who communicates because that man said all that I remember my husband told me one day and by God’s grace, it has changed my WHOLE outlook on having sex with him. Although God has always giving me a willing heart for sex with my husband, it’s just on those TIRED or “I DON’T WANNA” days. LOL It’s good to be reminded of this great truth.

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