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A Marital Intimacy Playlist

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On Monday, I discussed the dangers of our current sexualized music. Turn on the radio or check the music trends, and you’ll find that many of today’s songs are full of explicit descriptions and words about sex. They often convey a completely different view of sex than what God desires us to have.

But today, I want to get practical. If we shouldn’t listen to music that cheapens sex (see Philippians 4:8; Psalm 101:3; and Proverbs 4:23-24), can we listen to any music about sex?

I think we can. There is nothing sordid about God-honoring lovemaking in marriage, and a little background music can set the stage for physical intimacy. I trolled my own playlist and did some research to come up with a suggested intimacy playlist for married couples. Some of what I came up with is simply romantic, and other tunes are more obviously about sex.

Four-poster bed
Got the bed, now where’s the music?
Romeo & Juliet Bedstead, by Oxfordian Kissuth, via Wikimedia Commons

Several things to keep in mind as you peruse the suggestions below:

  • I divided songs into categories, knowing that some of you wouldn’t listen to a country (R&B/classical/etc.) song even if you were stranded on Gilligan’s Island and it was the only station the Professor’s radio could get. But you might be surprised to find something you and your spouse would like a category you don’t normally enjoy, so try to keep an open mind.
  • By highlighting a song here, I am not condoning other music from these artists or even the videos that accompany these tunes. Use your own standards and common sense when deciding which music to purchase.
  • The criterion for inclusion is that the lyrics are appropriate and can be construed to talk about a married couple. That does not mean that the composer and lyricist had that in mind when writing the song, but these songs do not obviously violate Christian ethics.
  • While these songs are appropriate for me and hubby in the bedroom, that does not mean that they are all okay to be on my kid’s MP3 player. Adults are ready for some details, especially in the marital context, that children are not ready for. Use your parental noggin for when and where it’s appropriate to play your marital intimacy music.
  • Tastes vary. Quite honestly, I’d happily make love to Toccata & Fugue in D minor by Bach, but since this is an unusual choice, I left it out. Still, consider your own tastes when you come up with a playlist. Hey, if you and your honey enjoy gettin’ it on to Mustang Sally, who am I to argue? Don’t slow that Mustang down!
  • As you pull together a playlist of your own, think about programming. That is, vary the rhythm and mood. For a marital intimacy playlist, you may want to start with something slow or easygoing (invitation), build up to faster or more intense songs (foreplay & climax), and then finish with something relaxing (afterglow).

With the fabulous help of some Facebook friends, here are some songs you might want to play while lovemaking with your spouse.

Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss II
Bolero by Maurice Ravel (For those old enough to recall, this was the classical song played in the movie “10.”)
Cello suite No.1 Prelude in G Major by Johann Sebastian Bach
Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy
Liebestraum No 3 in A flat by Franz Liszt
Piano Concerto No 21 in C, 2nd movement (Elvira Madigan) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Variation 18) by Sergei Rachmaninoff
Romeo and Juliet (Fantasy Overture: Love Theme) by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (You’ll recognize it.)

Breathe by Faith Hill
It’s Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Let’s Make Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
More Than Everything by Rhett Atkins (attributes love to God)
Me and You by Kenny Chesney
Then by Brad Paisley
Your Man by Josh Turner

Oldies (but Goodies)
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
I Love How You Love Me by The Paris Sisters
I Only Have Eyes for You by The Flamingos
I Want You, I Love You, I Need You by Elvis Presley
Unchained Melody by Righteous Brothers

All for You by Imelda May (or really jazz) – my new sassy fave!
Annie’s Song by John Denver
Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman? by Bryan Adams
I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith
Let’s Make a Night to Remember by Bryan Adams
Longer by Dan Fogelberg
Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden
Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira
Wanted by Hunter Hayes
Your Body Is a Wonderland by John Mayer (By the way, “damn” is used once.)

Close the Door by Teddy Pendergrass
Feel Like Makin’ Love to You by Roberta Flack
I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men
Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye
Loving Me for Me by Christina Aguilera
Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin
Nobody by Keith Sweat and Athena Gage
That’s the Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson
Tonight I Celebrate My Love by Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack

Baby, I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton
Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen – No!!! Don’t you dare play this for your wife. Just checking to see if you’re still paying attention.
Feel Like Making Love by Bad Company
Lay, Lady, Lay by Bob Dylan (If you’re among those who don’t like Dylan’s unique voice, Duran Duran and Magnet have covers of this song.)
Light My Fire by the Doors
Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse

Kiss by Dean Martin (and pretty much anything else by him. LOVE Dean Martin. Can you tell?)
Misty by Ella Fitzgerald
Teach Me Tonight by Dinah Washington
Unforgettable by Nat King Cole
You Give Me Fever by Peggy Lee (or try the version from Michael Buble or Bette Midler)
You Go to My Head by Frank Sinatra or Sarah Vaughan

All for You by Imelda May
Do That to Me One More Time by Captain & Tenille
I Want to Make Love to You by Janis Siegel
Paradise by Ana Laan
You and I by Michael Buble

I also found this gem that I wanted to share from Christian Matt Maher, Set Me as a Seal:

By the way, regarding Barry White. Yes, he has quite a few songs that would set the mood for lovemaking. I’m not crazy about his talking instead of singing so much, so I didn’t put him on the list. But feel free to go through his music and see if you find anything you like. You can try out a lot of his tunes on YouTube or iTunes.

And for the uber-brave, there’s always The Beatles’ “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?”

Floor’s open. What would you add? Please keep it to songs that we Christians can mostly agree would be beneficial for the marriage bed. And if you want to hear the songs listed above, head to my Facebook page where I’ve provided the playlists for Spotify.

“Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Psalm 141:3

(If you know of any problems with the songs here, let me know. I filtered, but it’s a lot of music so I might have missed something.)

83 thoughts on “A Marital Intimacy Playlist”

  1. Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera instantly comes to mind. Musicals aren’t for everyone, but there’s some great ones in that genre.

    1. That’s a fabulous song, and the lyrics work. But I have to admit that I keep picturing that scene from the musical when I hear it, so unless my hubby wore that half-mask… LOL.

      Thanks, Alexandra! Beautiful music. (Do you like the Michael Crawford version or another?)

  2. must add “Forever” by Ben Harper. And “Out Loud” by Dispatch.

    ::sigh:: those be romantic to me.

    Thought I don’t think we’ve ever done the sound track thing when making love. Kinda feels like one more thing I’d have to get ready, making us both wait a bit longer. that isn’t necessarily bad, just difficult for those of us that struggle with delayed gratification. 😛

  3. I have never made a playlist for love-making, but have thought about it many times. As mamarachael noted, it’s just one more thing to get ready! It’s worth a try, though … definitely something different for my husband and me.

    Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major
    “The Kiss” by Phildel

    Older popular music:
    “Only Time” by Enya
    “All I Know” by Five for Fighting
    “Have a Little Faith in Me” by John Hyatt (love song from “Benny and Joon”)
    “True Companion” by Marc Cohn (he wrote it as his own wedding song)
    “I Could Not Ask for More” by Edwin McCain. Oldie but a goodie. Even mentions God and Heaven, though I think it’s a little more secular in meaning.

  4. Oh My! My hubby and I are children of the ’80s so we are big fans of ’80s music. That being said, my hubby HAD to put Love of a Lifetime on our wedding video. I would also some rock music, but that may just be me.

    1. I like everything, but sometimes I think I’m a rocker at heart. There’s something really great about a get-me-movin’ rock-n-roll song.

  5. Dave Matthews Band is our go to. Particularly Stay or Leave and a few others. Obviously not for kids.

    1. I must have the wrong Dave Matthews CD. I can’t think of any songs on mine that would work. I’ll have to check that title out. Thanks!

    1. Well, hey, with FIRE as a theme, you could fill a whole playlist right there! Even Jerry Lee Lewis’s Great Balls of Fire could work. LOL.

  6. Great posting (including the reading check, smile). I second the Phantom nomination and the whole Musical category – my wife loves them. Me thinks I need to put a digital player in the bedroom as the radio won’t do it & the CD player is way too much work…

    1. I need to put a digital player into the bedroom too. I had a connection on my old clock radio, but the kid ended up with that one. (Mom’s sacrifice.) Best wishes!

  7. I have wanted to have some music during intimate times, and I’m going to check out these songs. One song that my hubs and I like is Come a Little Closer by Dierks Bentley.

  8. Gotta say that as a woman, I love Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen. It would show that he has a great sense of humor, good taste in music, and likes my curvy bottom…. and that is sexy. I would say it comes down to knowing your wife, but I think dancing to that in the kitchen would be some fun foreplay.

    1. I can see that! But of course, a husband shouldn’t put a song that on without KNOWING that his wife would get the playful side of it. 😉

  9. We have yet to use music during our actual love-making, though I’m definitely not opposed to it. I think the song that would be at the top of my playlist would be “Kissing You” by Des’ree from Baz Luhrmann’s movie Romeo + Juliet. It’s slow, romantic & sooooo beautiful! 🙂 I definitely agree with “Forever” & “Out Loud” as well, those are two of our personal favorite songs 🙂

  10. This has been something we’ve been trying to work out. Turns out I get very frustrated if the music is the wrong tempo for what I want – seems I respond to the rhythm whether I want to or not. However, one song that totally works for me towards the beginning is Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. As one who typically does not trust easily, the fact that I can trust hubby is a huge reminder to my heart.

  11. Check out pretty much any of Jesse Cook’s flamenco. His stuff is good all-around, but the rhythm works nicely in bed and I’ve caught my mind wandering now if I listen to it elsewhere!

    1. I never considered Flamenco. I feel inspired! Thanks. (It may help that I listened to a Jesse Cook tango.)

  12. If the instrumental/atmospheric genre appeals to you, then I can highly recommend the “Erotic Moods” multi-disc set by “Nusound”–if volume 2 is anything to go by, then it’s a great choice. The CD covers and music (~98% instrumental) aren’t overtly graphic, and do a great job enhancing the mood. 🙂 Also, most of Enya’s instrumental tracks (always some on each of her albums) are good, as well as “Kitaro” (Japanese artist), and Amethystium’s album “Emblem”.

    1. Speaking of Japanese artists and instrumental, I like the piano tunes of Keiko Matsui. I could see that being good background too. Thanks for your suggestions!

  13. K’s husband here. We’ve been getting back into some of the music we both enjoyed back in the 70s and 80s lately. The Doobie Brothers is one in particular – the album “Best of the Doobies” is uniformly great!. I had been avoiding listening to “South City Midnight Lady”, though, because from the few lines I recalled, I thought it was about a cheap one-night-stand with a prostitute, but after checking out the lyrics, and giving it a chance, it’s really a very beautiful song about a beautiful relationship.

    I can also recommend Grover Washington Jr’s album “Winelight”. Beautiful and romantic jazz, all instrumental except for the hit single “Just the Two of Us”. We listened to this during our Valentine’s day intimate dinner, and it was perfect!

  14. Ahh! Surely you have forgotten to add “Remember When” by Alan Jackson to the country list. That causes us to reflect on how far we’ve come.

  15. Loggins & Messina’s ‘Trilogy’ (from the Sittin’ In album) is about 15 minutes of “c’mere and let’s snuggle in the afterglow” music. ANYthing on Side 1 of George Michael’s ‘Faith’ (yes, we had cassettes before CD) seems to make clothes fall off…..but I was rolling when I read ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ ! ‘Unchained Melody’ is a nice touch. My bride would add ‘Feels So Right’ by Alabama, and Tom Jones’ cover of Prince’s ‘Kiss’.

    1. Okay, I considered adding some Prince in here, but he’s a complete mess, you know. The Tom Jones cover of Kiss would be cool, though! Also check out this version from Tony DeSare for a little different mood:

  16. Love, love, love your choices! I need to go through my thousands upon thousands of songs (I am a music freak!) but right off the top of my head… A Sunday Kind of Love or At Last by Etta James. Crash Into Me and Crush by Dave Matthews Band(appropriate?), Dark Blue – Jack’s Mannequin, Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 Morning Mood – Grieg, Meditation from Thais – Massenet, Beethoven – Romance for Violin 1 or 2, Moonlight Sonata, 2nd movement from Pathetique sonata (what I walked down the aisle to at our wedding), Fur Elise, his 9th Symphony – Ode to Joy(haha!), Chopin – any of his nocturnes, but my 2 faves are definitely Op. 27 No. 2 and Op.9 No. 2(also the 2 most commonly recognized, I’d say), his Piano Concerto No. 2 Op. 21 Larghetto, any of the movements from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Shackles – Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, You Never Need Nobody – The Lone Bellow, Everlasting Light, Your Touch, Howlin’ For You, Tighten Up – The Black Keys, Addicted to Love – Robert Palmer, Angel – Aerosmith, These Arms of Mine – Otis Redding, Cry To Me – Solomon Burke, Dance Me To The End of Love, Poison and Wine – The Civil Wars, Flightless Bird(1 bad word, but beautiful song!), Love and Some Verses – Iron and Wine, Raining on Sunday – Keith Urban, I Alone – Live, If You Could Only See – Tonic, Lucky – Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, Mouth – Bush, Moving Pictures Silent Films – Great Lake Swimmers, Never Think – Rob Pattinson (he is actually a very talented musician!), Every Breath You Take – Police, Closing Time – Semisonic (although it is a song about a bar/drinking, which I hate, but it’s a song from my high school days and I love the lyrics “I know who I want to take me home.” I always want to take my hubby home!), Sing For Absolution – Muse, Your Guardian Angel – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Fall For You – Secondhand Serenade, You & Me – Lifehouse. Okay, I need to stop! 🙂 Every song I type makes me think of another one! I know the lyrics might not be “love song” lyrics in some of the songs I’ve listed, but I love the rhythm/tune of them. I actually tend to not like slow songs for intimate time, though. I love rock! But I do tend to like some things that might not be appropriate to list – Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Hard-Fi, The Clash, The Ramones, etc.

    1. Uh, WOW. Thanks for your additions! Some great classical music in there, and I also love the song “Lucky” (but I love Colbie Caillat generally, like “I Do.”

      I’m going to disagree on one, however, because I know it’s not a love song even though everyone thinks it is! Every Breath I Take by The Police is a song about creepy obsession, like of the stalker kind. Sting has said so in more than one interview. Check it out: Okay, if you and your spouse love it…go ahead. Who am I to argue? Enjoy! It’s just always makes me shudder. LOL!

      P.S. I love The Clash. But “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” and “Rock the Casbah” probably wouldn’t make it to my bedroom. 😉

    2. One more thing: I love Chopin! But I didn’t include anything by him…because I couldn’t decide which one to put on the list! *sigh*

    3. Haha, yes….I could list a million more! I get carried away when talking about music. 🙂 I love it! I do know the story behind Every Breath you Take…I definitely see the stalker side of it, and it can be creepy if you see that! But I do like the song, the rhythm is great. And a lot of the songs I listed here, and others I like to listen to in the bedroom(or wherever!) really wouldn’t be classified as love songs at all. I tend to go by rhythm when picking songs for “intimate time.”

  17. Oh, and if you’ve never heard of them, I highly recommend Jenny and Tyler, a husband and wife duo. They’re not really Christian music….well, not just Christian music, I should say…they do have several Christian songs, but they have a lot of other songs, good love songs, too. They do a beautiful cover of the old Carter Family song, “Anchored In Love.” And they put Psalm 46 to song…amazing, amazing, amazing! They also sing a song called Carry Me with Mac Powell.

  18. I’ve made a Spotify playlist with most of the songs suggested here!
    I also added
    I Giorni – Einaudi(walked down the aisle to it – most of his stuff is gorgeous though!)
    Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer
    L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole
    Lake Yarina – Josh Garrels
    Paradise – Coldplay (besides everything else, it was played on loop on our honeymoon!)
    A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton
    Dancing in the Minefields – Andrew Peterson
    Marry Me – Train
    Little Things – One Direction
    Magic – Colbie Caillat

    1. I love Josh Garrels! If you’re not already familiar with them, I recommend checking out NoiseTrade. It’s a completely free and legal music downloading site. You can leave tips for the artists. To get a download code, you give them your email address, so you will get email from the artists you download. But I think it is so worth it! I have gotten so much music from that site, it’s insane! It’s a great way to discover new music – I got The Lumineers debut album for free before they hit it big. I’ve discovered Jenny and Tyler, Humming House(who do an awesome cover of Ain’t No Sunshine – check it out!), Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, Emma-Lee, The Vespers….all of them some of my faves now. Anyway, Josh Garrels has a TON of free music on NoiseTrade right now. 🙂

  19. Always & Forever – Heatwave
    Ooh Aah – Avant
    The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Leona Lewis version
    Making Love – Eric Benet

  20. Pretty much anything by Dean Brody, Gravity is an all time favourite! 🙂 Also the Kitchen Song, Wildflower, the sleeping bag song, underneath the apple trees, and little Yellow blanket. We just have iTunes going all the time in our house so if we happen to be getting funky while its running we just have random stuff playing 😛 which can get interesting sometimes 🙂

  21. I was thinking, “What? No Barry White?” until I got farther down the page. 🙂

    You can’t go wrong with any of Michael Feinstein’s standards CDs. “Forever” is a favorite of ours.

  22. So funny! My husband and I were talking just last night about different things we could do to spice things up after 11 years of marriage, and one of the things he mentioned was making love to classical music one night, country, pop etc. each night. Now I have to decide whether to share this post with him, or just surprise him! 🙂 One I’d like to add – (sorry if it’s already been mentioned, I didn’t read all the comments) the love theme from St. Elmo’s Fire. Thanks for the suggestions!

  23. Sometimes we have the radio playing, usually country. These are some songs I have on my computer that I like. Different genres all mixed together 🙂

    “Fly” by Sara Groves
    “Could I Have This Kiss Forever”, “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias
    “Every Time We Touch” by Cascada
    “I Need To Know” by Marc Antony
    “I Want to Spend My Life Time” by Tina Arena & Marc Antony (from Zorro)
    “Have I Told You Lately” by Rod Stewart
    “We’ll Be Together” by Sting
    “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer (probably doesn’t meet the lyric criteria, but gets me in the mood)
    “Nothin’ On But the Radio” by Gary Allan
    “Two of a Kind” by Garth Brooks
    “I Need You” by LeAnn Rimes
    “When You Love Me” by Martina McBride
    “You Fill Up My Senses” by John Denver
    “You’re Still the One”, “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain
    “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton

    Other possibilities:
    “Slow Hand” – The Pointer Sisters
    “Ring My Bell” – Anita Ward
    “Do That To Me One More Time” – Captain & Tennille

  24. I’m a total 80s girl, so I gotta say almost anything by ChicAgo, and I also love Show Me The Way by Styx (not so much a romantic song, but “show me the way” always sounds that way to me and the video had a newly married couple showing each other the way. Lol –nothing graphic). Also, probably my absolute fave “When I’m with you” by Sheriff. So romantic.

    1. Now that you mentioned Chicago, dare I say it…Air Supply? Is anyone else willing to stand up and say, “Sure they were cheesy, but they were also good and had some great love songs!” LOL.


    2. Air Supply!! One of my all time faves! I was still very young when they were in their heyday (as far as I know I was about 5), but I love love love them and I don’t care who knows it! Lol.

  25. Three words: Over The Rhine. A Christian married couple who do not create “Christian music,” but do make music appropriately informed by their faith. I think one of the most wonderful things they do is reclaim the erotic in a grown-up, God-honoring, non-cheapened way. I think they deserve a medal for that. The band begin as a left-of-center pop act but eventually evolved into something you might call “Americana.” (They’ve toured with Lucinda Williams and Cowboy Junkies.)

    Check out “My Love Is A Fever,” “North Pole Man,” “Let’s Spend The Day In Bed,” “Go Down Easy,” “The Body Is A Stairway of Skin,” “Entertaining Thoughts,” “Lifelong Fling” and “I Want You To Be My Love,” but don’t stop there. Their entire catalog is wonderful.

  26. Other songs I’d suggest (from my “mushy/sexy music” list): “Heartbeat” King Crimson; “I’ll Stand by You” Pretenders; “Sweet Wine of Love” Robin Trower (about a wedding night!); “Two Tickets to Paradise” Eddie Money; “The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You” Bryan Adams; “Smooth” Santana & Rob Thomas; “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (I like the UB40 version); “Only Me When I’m With You” and “Love Story” Taylor Swift; “Take My Breath Away” Berlin; “Little Wing” (lots of different versions out there, including an instrumental by Stevie Ray Vaughn); “The Way I Am” Ingrid Michaelson; “Any Way You Want It” Journey; “The Sound of Sunshine” Michael Franti; “Ho Hey” The Lumineers; “You’re My Best Friend” Queen; “I Can Wait Forever” Simple Plan; “Crazy for You” Madonna. I will admit that I also have “Brick House” and “Super Freak” b/c my husband and I joke that they’re both about me. 🙂

  27. I just made a “Bedtime Music” playlist for my iPad. Here are some highlights:
    The Beatles – Yesterday
    Andrea Bocelli – every song that I have! All in Italian, and all about love, but you will not understand the words so you won’t be distracted by the lyrics.
    Phantom of the Opera – Music of the Night
    Coldplay – Clocks, Viva La Vida, Yes
    Diana Krall – Boy from Ipanema
    Dusty Springfield – How Can I Be Sure?, I Only Want to Be With You, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me
    Etta James – At Last, Something’s Got a Hold on Me
    Harold Faltermeyer – Axel Foley’s Theme (Axel F.)
    Harry Connick, Jr. – Where or When, It Had to Be You, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, I Could Write a Book
    James Taylor – Fire and Rain
    Jim Croce’ – Time in a Bottle
    John Denver – Annie’s Song, Follow Me
    Marc Broussard – Saturday, Come Around, Home, Lonely Night in Georgia, The Beauty of Who You Are, Let Me Leave, The Wanderer
    Michael Buble’ – For Once in My Life
    Peter Frampton – Show Me the Way, Baby I Love Your Way
    Ray Charles – Georgia On My Mind, I Can’t Stop Loving You, Going Down Slow
    Rob Thomas – Lonely No More
    Robbie Williams – Not of This Earth
    Rod Steward – many from Great American Songbook, Vol. 2, and Unplugged and Seated, also Downtown Train – As Time Goes By with Queen Latifah and Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered with Cher
    Santana – Smooth, Oye Como Va
    Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Steve Grisaffe – Where Somebody Loves You, If Anybody Ever Loved You, I Can See You Lovin’ Me
    Sting – Fields of Gold
    U2 – One Tree Hill, Where the Streets Have No Names, With or Without You
    Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Georgia on My Mind, Moonlight in Vermont, Someone to Watch Over Me, Stardust, Unchained Melody, All of Me, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

  28. I would have used more high-quality country songs, but my guy just can’t stand country. (It’s complicated.) I would have included some Clint Black, for sure, and Randy Travis.

  29. Just about anything from Michael Buble would work for me 😉
    Also classical selections from Claude Debussy are nice. He tends to have varied tempos in each song that could work well 😉

  30. How about…
    Norah Jones – “Come away with me”
    Eva Cassidy – “Fields of Gold”

  31. The song you posted by Matt Maher reminds me of one by Misty Edwards…You Won’t Relent. It’s also from Song of Solomen. Very moving and also romantic! Loved this post, I actually have a romance playlist also…will be adding some of these suggestions to mine!

  32. I enjoy music, but don’t have much of a list on my iPod. However, music is SO important to my hubbie. I never considered this an area I could be proactive in. Hmmm. Now you have me thinking. 🙂
    Listening to some of your suggestions. Good list, thanks so much!

  33. Get your hands on the soundtrack from City of Angels! WOW! Heat is what happens when played.

  34. Go way back for the very best ever: Isaac Hayes “Our Day Will Come”. I’m not kidding, it’s awesome, you can even hear the man breathe, and it takes a long play time. It was “the bomb” in college – hope that does not cheapen it – because it has real tender, sweet value of intimacy between a man and a woman. Just sweet and good.

  35. I really like New Age like Enya or Kitaro. Enigma is REALLY GOOD. But it is NOT FOR KIDS. Carly’s Song is great.

    Or classical.

    It is funny that I am giggling about this. We have been married 16 years.

  36. I saw it on one “Christian Nympho” blog – was referring to husbands being on a sexual starvation diet…

    Alluded to the snack/simple meal/all-out Masterchef type of thing.

    Cordon Bleu chefs are those with Michelin stars – you know – the top flight ones. References were made to satin sheets – so I’d imagine that would be the “send the kids to relatives, switch the phones off, really BASK in each other”. Sexual equivalent to going to El Bulli or the Fat Duck – or having a Heston Blumenthal type cook for you.

    Snacks would be quickies, push-hubby-against-the-wall-for-blowjob, sex in the shower, over the back of the sofa, etc etc..

    The blogger was writing about hubbies going about 4 days between NEEDING sex… IIRC..

  37. Noticed another Pretenders fan – brass in Pocket is another good one of theirs… especially when it gets to the middle 8 and chorus…

  38. I have to ask – is it really all that coincidental that Chicago/Huey Lewis etc tracks that express the kind promises a hubby wants to make to his wife are more often that not in a post-coital setting?

    Consider Peter Cetera’s Glory of Love – first lines “Tonight it’s very clear/as we’re both lying here/There’s so many things I wanna say…”

    Maybe there’s something here – ensure he’s “laid like tile” to borrow a term from Red Pill marriage blogs out there… well – it’s something I long for if I ever marry…

    Oh – another artist – Huey Lewis and the News.

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  42. I’ve been telling my husband we need to compile a love making playlist! This is very helpful, thanks!

    The one song we have loved for this kind of thing is “Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin” by Journey. We think it has the perfect tempo changes in the song… Starts out slow then picks up at the end 🙂

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