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My Interview with Stupendous Marriage

Stupendous Marriage logoLast week, I chatted with Stu Gray of Stupendous Marriage. He interviewed me about my new book, Sex Savvy: A Lovemaking Guide for Christian Wives, and about sexual intimacy in general.

The interview has gone live, and here’s the link:

Episode 86 – Interview with J. Parker of Hot, Holy & Humorous

Plus, if you leave a comment about this episode on their site, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win the book!

My thanks to Stupendous Marriage. I really enjoy Stu and Lisa Gray’s podcast, and if you don’t have it on your own playlist, check out some of their other episodes too. You can also find them on iTunes.

10 thoughts on “My Interview with Stupendous Marriage”

  1. Finally we get to hear J’s voice! Someday there will be a photo to complete the picture. 🙂

    And a great book–honestly, my favorite chapter is ch. 14, because those are the starting points that, following genuine church-wide repentance from pastors on down, will allow God’s truth about sexual intimacy to take root.

  2. Heard the interview, loved it so I bought the book. I too see the great message in ch.14. My daughter’s church is doing this in addition to a weekly dose of the gospel & it’s growing with young couples. I don’t see too many churches doing in depth marriage seminars but when I hear of one there’s no shortage of attendees and more wanting to be there.
    Keep up the good work/writing – Holy & Humorous fills a big need.

    1. Thank you so much! Good for your daughter’s church. I love hearing these encouraging stories of churches doing it right!

  3. TRUE and real God desire married couples to have the best of sexual intimacy, any short of that is a deviation from God original plan. get back to the Bible and they two were naked and they were not ashamed.

  4. Hey J, awesome interview. You sound amazing. I’m still reading the book and loving it so far. You have a great laugh by the way. 🙂 – V.V.

  5. Great interview J! Very important points discussed. Agree totally that couples should pray together when they can. The mind is the most powerful “sexual” organ.

    Applaud your courage in writing the book and the helpful (& needed), insightful ideas and advice in your blog for married couples.

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