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10 Sexy Stocking Stuffers for Your Husband

After the presents are purchased for the children, family, co-workers, friends, the “white elephant” offering for the Christmas party, and your charity donations, you’re probably plain tuckered-out. But you still have to put something in those stockings.

And what about your husband? Just how many times can you give that man a pair of socks or small tools?

Spice up his Christmas stocking with treats that remind your hubby of your special sexual intimacy.

Christmas stocking
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10. Massage oil or lotion. Body massage is a great way to start your lovemaking, so why not a nice massage oil or lotion? You can offer to apply it to his body or let him apply it to yours.

9. Silk or holiday boxers. Pick out what you’d like to see your man wear (keeping in mind what he’s willing to put on, of course). Choose a pair of men’s undies with a fun look or message, or with fabric that feels good to your skin and his.

Fresh Balls8. “Fresh Balls” Solution for Men. I gotta give credit to the Art of Manliness blog for this suggestion. Fresh Balls is a product that addresses sweaty and less-than-fragrant testicles. How is this sexy? Well, as a matter of fact, you and the hubster will likely feel more comfortable getting busy when his manly parts are nice and fresh. Enjoy!

7. Edible body paint. Feeling adventurous? You can find edible body paint at online Christian intimacy retailers. With this product, you can paint messages, designs, or pictures on one another’s bodies…and then enjoy the tasty treat when your masterpiece is finished.

6. Mix CD. Put together a playlist of tunes that get you in the mood. Choose your favorites or check out suggestions from my marital intimacy playlist.

Personalized M&Ms5. Personalized M&Ms. You can pick your colors, type in your message, and choose your packaging to make personalized M&Ms candies. Be as romantic or suggestive as you want, but remember that you have limited space and the My M&Ms website precludes certain “inappropriate” words, like sex. (Still, when I tested it out, the word “intimate” was accepted.)

4. Personal lubricant. Even if you already have personal lubricant in your bedroom, you can use this opportunity to try something different. Check your local drugstore, order a sample pack with different options from Sliquid, or try coconut oil, a natural option many married couples enjoy. Julie Sibert of Intimacy in Marriage recently published a helpful review of lubricants.

3. Marriage & intimacy card game. There are several card packs suggesting intimate activities for couples. You can find them at your bookstore or online Christian intimacy retailer. I’ve had friends recommend Simply Romantic NightsVolume 1 and Volume 2, with his and her cards, from Dennis and Barbara Rainey. Also, Sheila Wray Gregoire recently mentioned Deck of Dares, put together by Christian psychologist, Jennifer Degler, of CWives.

Deck of Dares cards
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2. Sexy lingerie. This might look like a gift for you, but in most marriages a super-sexy nightie is really a gift for him. He wants to view your unique beauty, the way God knitted you together and gifted you to your husband. So let him! Choose something you feel reasonably comfortable in and you know he’ll like and promise to model it later.

1. Gift certificates based on Song of Solomon. This was my hristmas gift to readers the year this post was published, but you can still find these gift certificates for romantic and intimate activities crafted by yours truly. They’re in my store as Christmas-themed sexy coupons for him and for her at a great price! You can print all of them, or only the pages you want to use. Each certificate includes an applicable scripture from Song of Solomon, the biblical book on romantic love.

What other ideas do you have for your hubby’s stocking?

10 thoughts on “10 Sexy Stocking Stuffers for Your Husband”

  1. Yay thank you! Just what I needed for our first Christmas married. Wanted some fun stuff for the stocking (even though I am seriously going to get some socks as a joke because he genuinely needs them and commented the other day about it).

  2. Nice suggestions. I don’t know how I missed hearing about Fresh Balls, but the nads are definitely not the best smelling part of my hubby’s body, lol. One other thing that would be cool is a homemade sex coupon book. Keep the gift giving throughout the year!

  3. Very interesting list of gifts. Any guy should be happy to receive them and the other “gifts” that would accompany them!

    The gift certificates are very well done.

  4. I am definitely getting him the fresh ball solution, thanks for the tip! Libl, were not suppose to show him the list, just put it in his stocking and surprise him!

    1. Interesting product, eh?

      And my hubby’s a bit like libl’s in that he’s so picky, I sometimes feel him out ahead of time. Personally I love surprises! But oddly enough, not everyone does. Weird, right? LOL.

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